10 Fastest Flowering Cannabis Strains to Grow

10 Fastest Flowering Cannabis Strains to Grow

It’s not a race, but many people are yearning to get their hands on some quick-growing cannabis varieties that are already bestselling ones nowadays. Because time is precious and that most people are impatient, not able to wait for long to taste their ripened buds, those new and classic fast versions of marijuana are of great interest to everybody.

You are not just going to learn about fast versions but rather the fastest of them all. To give you more choices and more ideas about the various cannabis strains that are available for growers and breeders to use in their next breeding and planting project, let’s make a list of up to 10 names of quick-growing strains.

Fast Flowering Cannabis Strains’ Features and Attributes

Of course, there are so many terms used to describe the many various types of strains found in the market nowadays. There are those that are known as photoperiod, autoflowering, feminized, regular, and now, the freshest creation of them all is the fast-growing version.

Fast flowering marijuana strains serve as the answer to the prayers of many cannabis growers for their personal and business purposes. It is understandable for them to be searching for such type as it means more yield, more harvest, more supply, and more income, particularly for those aiming for commercial or financial functions.

In addition to that, fast flowering strains are born from two distinct parents and origins that make those things possible. Buds like that are speedy in their maturation without needing too much assistance from its growers due to the genetics it inherited from a regular male cannabis crop and an autoflowering female bud type.

It needs little to no lighting in the place where it is located. Growers will just have to wait after planting the seeds until they are done growing into lovely and adorable bud plants.

Top 10 Fastest Flowering Weed Strains

Since you are now familiar with the traits that this weed strain possesses, maybe it is now time to know more of the bestselling speedy strains. Check the list below to learn about them and their specific traits.

1. Lowryder

The recipe combining the parents Northern Lights #2 and William’s Wonder strains was performed and perfected for nine generations by the Joint Doctor Seeds group. It was aimed to become as short as it can be but not losing the ability to produce trichome-laden buds. Such a short and hideous crop that reaches only up to 16 inches at most makes a great cultivar for discreet growing and display for windowsill or balcony areas. This nice sweet bud is able to live in extremely cold temperatures like the northern regions of Finland and Canada, where it is currently very famous. Lowryder strain, too, is an autoflowering, fast-growing in just 40 to 45 days. In terms of its effects, though, no complaints shall be made as this bud is a powerful bud, cerebrally stimulating but may take a while for its onset.

2. Critical Kush

At Barney’s Farm, a wonderful bud strain was born and which bears the name Critical Kush. It has got high indica genetics that it inherited together with those of its parents’ DNAs. Such parents used for its conception were the Critical Mass and the OG Kush strains. With soaring high THC levels and an average CBD content is what it offers as well as a relaxing mental and physical buzz. Its taste is a blend of some earthy and spicy notes. This weed also gives some very therapeutic effects that are useful for treating nighttime pains, stress, insomnia, and muscle spasms. To get a copy of this piece for your own consumption, all you need is some patience to be waiting for 50 to 60 days, and its flowering period is done.

3. Early Girl

True to its name, this babe is an early riser and bloomer. Early Girl strain is good to go within just 7 to 8 weeks, which can grow indoors but healthier when given a chance to savor outdoor resources, too. Its breeders and caretakers are from the reputable group Sensi Seeds, happy to share this bud for the lazy relaxation of other bud users. This weed strain is not as strongly sedating as any other buds are known but just enough to satisfy both mentally and physically. Beginners and novice growers should have this on their list of easy to grow ones. Also, this marijuana strain is made up of 75/25 indica-leaning variety. 

4. OG Kush

One superstar in the cannabis world as a bud for consumption, crossbreeding, and cultivation. OG Kush strain got all those nice traits that anyone would need from a bud. It has been used for creating a lot more of other bud strains, especially those that were born on the West Coast. Despite such huge fame it enjoys, this bud’s parental origin is still a mystery. Rumors claim that it was a product of the marriage between Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush strains from which it took that “kush” bud structure that it develops. For its intense powers on defeating stress and providing heavy euphoria is also another reason for its fame. Its flavors of earthy, pine, and sour lemon aroma, which underlies woodiness, serve as its signature for the avid users of it. Various smokers who have tried this bud mention about having recovered from migraine, ADD/ADHD, stress, and other mental issues.

5. Super Glue

Load up your body with high THC and some very earthy, woody, piney, and caramel-tasting buds with Super Glue strain. It comes from the descent of two great marijuana strains such as the Northern Lights and Afghani, passing on to this bud an 80% indica genetics and 18 to 19% THC level. Those parents selected carefully by the breeders from, Seedism Seeds group, also caused this bud to be a fast-growing one that needs only up to 9 weeks to mature. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, producing some fresh, bold, piney flavors that linger and get into the air, so some air filters are necessary, especially when grown indoors. Novice smokers should, however, take it slow in toking this bud as may be too strong for first-time use.

6. Red Dwarf

Small but terrible could be a perfect description for this bud that stretches in just a very short height that’s perfect for growing in limited spaces. At the same time, within just six weeks, the buds of this weed shall be ready for harvest and indulgence. Because it is high indica-leaning, cultivating this weed strain is also as simple and as fast, too. Buddha Seeds was that reputable group who created this bud that is super fitting for any newbie cannabis user to try and experience its sleepy relaxation without a euphoric high at the beginning. The mysterious parents of this bud come from the families of ruderalis and skunk, which also enables this bud to be used some medicinal functions.

7. Hobbit

Strong, resilient, and sweet autoflowering marijuana strain comes from the proud breeders of this bud who are from Kannabia Seeds group. It’s a 65-day wonder that is not too long to wait for beginners and expert growers. This “strawberry candy” bud is very sweet in its aroma while on its flavors, Hobbit is truly a delightful one with such tastes of strawberry, nutty, sweet, and berry. To use this at night or during the day gives the best results, too. Its mild THC level of 15% does not hinder it from becoming so popular and effective. Feel hazy, happy, inspired, relaxed, and uplifted while also saving yourself from the pains brought about by depression, hypertension, insomnia, and mood swings, too. Ginger Ale and an unknown ruderalis strain are the parents of this bud variety.

8. White Ryder

An offspring of the crossing between White Dwarf and Lowryder strains, containing 70/30 indica-dominant genetics. White Ryder strain is also an autoflowering bud variety in nature that is not dependent on light and can grow on its own despite any adverse conditions. It is highly resistant to whatever kind of pests or molds for such well-established genetic makeup. Riot Seeds’ master breeders are the brilliant creators of this bud that is both physically and mentally effective. Therapeutically, it can be used as analgesics and mood-enhancers. Indoors, it gives away 10 to 12 ounces per square meter of harvest while outdoors, it offers a sure amount of 12 ounces or more per plant, too. For successful cultivation, make sure also to just put it in a cool area.

9. Purple Cheese

Another autoflowering bud, containing indica-leaning genetics and autoflowering features. This marijuana variety is a hybrid composed of the combined genes from Blue Cheese Purple #1, and that of Lowryder strains. Auto Seeds group ensured its adorableness that is first sensed through its tastes of fruity, sweet, cheese, and earthy flavors. As it delivers those flavors, its extreme physical body relaxation also arrives in your system that nocturnal smokers who like to be awake at night or those dealing with chronic pains due to arthritis, migraine, or fatigue. Growers need a place with cool temperatures for this bud’s cultivation to also allow its beautiful purple hues to show.

10. Royal Haze

From the respected and trusted home of bestselling marijuana strains, Dinafem Seeds, the Royal Haze, or Royale Haze to some is released for everybody to try out. It has been molded from the blended genes of Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights strains, which are all well-known for having wonderful traits and effects. Its Haze parent influenced this newborn with its flavors of spicy, citrus, and sweet that bring along some very delightful sensations that are energizing, euphoric, and inspiring. This autoflowering buds flower faster in warm areas and would instead need 10 to 11 weeks when the climate lowers.

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A tiring and laborious job awaits any grower with any kind of marijuana they choose to cultivate. It takes a lot of effort and money before they can already reap the fruits of their labor. The thought of these buds makes that a bit joyous and reassuring, though, since breeders can already have an easier way to producing their own fast flowering version. Those marijuana varieties you’ve seen on the list above shall be your guide, and may you be able to find the best one that really suits your preference. Have happy and fruitful cultivation ahead!

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