What Are Cannabis Pistils and Why Are They Important?

The cannabis sativa is a fantastical plant with a storied history dating back to 2800 B.C. Early use of cannabis was derived from Western China and Central Asia where the plant was purportedly used for its healing properties by Emperor Shen Nung. Many years later, growers and consumers around the planet are still enjoying some […]

Myths About Growing Marijuana

With more than a century of underground knowledge and only a decade or so of legal cultivation, it’s still a little early for formal cannabis best practices to emerge. It’s true that commercial growers are required to follow whatever state or national rules apply regarding the use of certain pesticides, presence of heavy metals, or […]

How Much Water to Give To Your Plant

Watering your marijuana plants is one of many vital things when growing cannabis. Like all plants, cannabis plants require water to perform their primary function. If your plant doesn’t receive enough water, it will die a slow, painful death. However, watering cannabis plants isn’t always as simple as spraying your garden with a hose at […]

What Moon Phase Should You Start Growing?

If you’re trying to break into the cannabis growing industry, you may be worried about everything from soil composition to heat and humidity levels. However, one element you might want to consider if you’re growing outside is the moon phase. Although everyone knows that the moon affects ocean tides, it can also impact your growth […]