Top 5 Best Indica Strains of All Time

Want to know some of the best Indica strains of all time? Nowadays, there are about hundreds of cannabis strains available that it is no longer easy to pick the best one. Choosing the right strain is important to make sure that you only get quality cannabis product on the market.

There are lots of cannabis users who like smoking recreational marijuana Sativa but this strain does not always a good option for someone seeking cannabis medicinal effects. That is when cannabis Indica comes into the picture. If you are someone who prefers cannabis strains that cause body high with relaxing as well as nausea-reducing and sleep-inducing effects, then Indica cannabis strains are what you are searching for.

Cannabis is an example of flowering herbs that can be categorized into two major strains namely Indica and Sativa. Pure Indica initially was from the Hindu Kush Mountains, while Pure Sativa came from the equatorial regions. Today, we will mainly focus on the Indica varieties and check out what is the best Indica strain that we can buy.

What is Cannabis Indica strain?

The book called Stuff Every Cannabisseur Should Know by Marc Luber defines Indica strain as “one of the two major strains of cannabis plants and it is thought that Indica provides a relaxing and mellow high”. Indica strain is also usually used as a sleep aid, pain reliever, and appetite stimulator. Moreover, the high that someone could get from Indica strains tends to affect the entire body rather than just a head high. 

What is Indica-dominant cannabis?

Indica-dominant strains of cannabis are generally made from a crossbreeding of Indica and Sativa strains, but the majority of the genetics came from the Indica side. This is in terms of the plant’s growth pattern and the effects it has on the end-user. By no means that a pure Indica strain would have Sativa strain features.

Cannabis with Indica-dominant strain is popular for their ability to induce a body high experience to people. These type strains are frequently used as a prescription for the treatment of physical pain and anxiety-related disorders. Additionally, Indica-dominant strains have shorter stature than Sativa plants with wider, with wider branches and darker green leaves. These features of Cannabis Indica species make them more suitable for indoor growing and commercial production rather than Sativa strains. 

However, because of its small size, Indica-dominant plants do not yield as much plant materials unlike from those Sativa-dominant strains. Indica-dominant strains of cannabis contain much higher THC levels compared to most Sativa strains. On the other hand, Indica-dominant cannabis plants produce lower levels of CBD. Indica-dominant strains are commonly consumed in the evening or at night, particularly by those people who have difficulty sleeping since it has a relaxing effect on the body. 

To easily identify Indica-dominant strains check if there is a word “kush” on the packaging. Other normally produced products from Indica-dominant strains are Blackberry Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Kosher Kush, Northern Lights, OG Kush, Purple Urkle, as well as White Widow, among hundreds of other Indica strains.

List of Indica Strains

Cannabis effects differ per person, so it can be really hard to identify which is the best Indica strain. Some strains of cannabis that are most suitable for someone may provide the opposite to other individuals. Instead of choosing one strain, we will list some of the best Indica strains that you can find in the market.

  • XXX OG

This award-winning Indica strain won 1st place in the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. XXX OG was developed after crossbreeding OG Kush and XXX strains. This Indica-dominant cannabis plant has features of dense green buds with skunky aroma. XXX OG provides gentle sedating effects that allow some mental clarity and physical energy. The XXX OG marijuana strain is also perfect to be consumed when are having a hard time falling asleep. In addition to that, it helps with nausea, and ease aches and other pains. 

  • Blueberry X White Widow

The Berry White strain also referred to as Blue Widow or even White Berry per the type of seeds grower used to cultivate this cannabis strain. Blueberry Widow has a fruity bubblegum aroma. This strain provides consumers with both euphoric and calming effects, progressing into a more sedative experience. Blueberry X White Widow is also good for treating headaches, nausea as well as helps boost appetite and ease the pain. 

  • Kosher Kush X OG

Kosher Kush won the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2012. This strain is a mostly Indica hybrid with a distinction of being the first commercial strain blessed by a Rabbi. The purpose of the blessing is thought to bring both enlightenment and a state of blissful tranquility for consumers. Kosher Kush X OG gives a powerful but lazy body buzz that can leave weed beginners quite sedated. 

Kosher Kush X OG also produces an uplifting mood with the Sativa-based cerebral effects. First-time users must be aware to consume this strain with great caution because the sleepiness can be quite overwhelming. This quality of Kosher Kush X OG, however, makes this Indica-dominant strain effective for treating insomnia and restlessness caused by anxiety and stress. 

  • Grand Daddy Purple X OG Kush

Grand Daddy Purple X OG Kush is one of the most robust hybrid strains in medical cannabis collectives today. This hybrid cannabis plant contains 60% Indica and 40% Sativa with a genotype of Tahoe OG x OG Kush. This cannabis strain has a distinct hash-like flavor that stays on the pallet, its unmistakable pine or skunk-like aroma transports right through in the taste as well. Grand Daddy Purple X OG Kush strain can also aid with sleeping disorders as well as ease pain and is proven effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease, stress, anxiety and lack of appetite.  

  • Mr.Nice – G-13 X Sensi Seeds Hash Plant

The female part of Mr. Nice hybrid strain is G13 and the male counterpart of it is the Hash Plant. This Indica-dominant strain has high-potency with a very strong and pungent aroma that even experienced smokers mistake the flavor from the burning buds for hashish. 

For many, this strain is considered as the ultimate Indica hybrid. This Mr. Nice strain grows its astonishing strength and flavor in a relatively short flowering time. It can only take about 60 days under a flowering light cycle, for it to produce a generous amount of heavy, compact buds covered a thick layer of sparkling crystals. With a normal vegetation period, plants generally reach a height of 100-130cm in height. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best Indica strains of all time that are used as an alternative medicinal therapy as well as the most convenient options for at-home cultivation. Whether or not you are searching to treat aggressive forms of insomnia, anxiety as well as chronic pain or a combination of all, the right strain of Indica cannabis can be a beneficial substitute. This is also an effective natural treatment to help someone live a better, healthier life, besides, getting high.