10 Best Sativa in Las Vegas

best sativa in las vegas

What is obvious about Las Vegas, but seldom mentioned is that it is a flat strip of land in the desert. What is commonly said about Las Vegas is that it is the entertainment capital of the world, especially when it comes to adult entertainment. These two factors make it a prime place for the cultivation of marijuana. Marijuana originated in desert regions, at the same time, there is a big demand for recreational marijuana. When it comes to weed, there are several which vie for the title as best sativa in Las Vegas.

The two main variants of marijuana plants are sativa and indica. Each plant has its own unique set of benefits, which contributes to its wide array of medical advantages. Sativa strains are well-known for offering an invigorating experience, while indica strains soothe the body of the user.

What is Sativa?

Sativa is the variety of cannabis characterized by its tall and slender appearance. It has a lank growth habit which makes it ideal for outdoor growing. If you are into indoor farming, sativas are not your cup of tea. Since this plant is recognized for its rebellious growth habits, it can grow as much as ten feet. Compared to indica, this one has a shorter and closely packed appearance; it is not busy. Its branches spread out in different directions, which is completely dissimilar to indicas.

Marijuana strains are usually labeled according to their variety, whether they are sativa, indica, or a hybrid of both strains. Having the ability to differentiate sativa-dominant strain over indica-dominant is beneficial when choosing the right treatment for your medical condition. Sativa strains are popular for their ability to increase energy levels and put the mind of the user in a euphoric state. If you are looking for a strain that will energize your body and elevate your mood, sativas are the right strain for you. It is sought after by its long-lasting effect that can be enjoyed for a long period.

The major qualities of Sativa medicinal strains include:

Generally, this exceptional variant is capable of improving the symptoms of certain medical conditions. Sativas have a lot of health benefits including:

  • anti-depressant
  • improves focus and creativity
  • increases serotonin (a neurotransmitter responsible for the regulation of mood, learning, anxiety sleep, and appetite)
  • Anti-anxiety
  • alleviates chronic pain
  • for day time use

There are different marijuana strains in the cannabis industry and it is usually from pure indica, pure sativa, and hybrid. For instance, you can find a strain that is made up of 30% sativa and 70% indica, or another strain is 80% indica, and 20% sativa, and there’s also a balanced amount of both.

10 Best Sativa in Las Vegas

Though sativa-dominant strains are slower to flower compared to indica-dominant strains, the long wait is worth it because it offers exceptional yields. For instance, the most sought after strain, which is the iconic Haze, takes 12 weeks before it completes its flowering stage in an indoor garden. Despite this lengthy blooming period, it is still widely-utilized by marijuana enthusiasts because of its medicinal effects. It renders an invigorating high that is suitable for those working on creative projects. 

We all wanted to know what the greatest marijuana strain in the entire world is. However, no matter how many comparisons we do, it might be impossible to find out. This is because every user has a different taste and preference when it comes to weed. The rich and potent sativa strain that you enjoy might burn out your friend because of its strength. This being said, try out various strains until you find the ideal one for you. To get you started, below are the best sativa strains in Las Vegas:

1. Power Flower

Power Flower was crafted for industrial growers who want to increase their cannabis production. Indoor growers can collect at least 650 grams per square meter in a 600-watt light. In outdoor farming, the plant grows better in warm climates, especially in California and Italy. Power Flower offers a stimulating and smooth high, with a fruity and sour after taste. This strain will remind you of limes and lemons. 

2. Haze Berry

Haze Berry is a traditional medical marijuana strain that has the flavor of a Blueberry and intoxicating effects of Haze. The experience will leave you with a sweet flavor and energizing high fit for those who work during the day. It thrives in indoor and outdoor gardens, which makes this strain diverse. On top of that, it provides massive yields.

3. Shining Silver Haze

Haze is a popular sativa strain and Shining Silver Haze gives you a genetic profile that has been established over many years. It is also associated with Northern Lights and Skunk. This strain is fitted for indoor and outdoor marijuana farming. Shining Silver Haze thrives under the sun and it can produce as much as 450 grams per square meter. Avid smokers love the instant buzz and rich taste of this strain. Its buds offer a haze of thoughts that most users enjoy.

4. Royal Madre

Royal Madre is the freshest hybrid in the market. This strain is a cross between Queen Madre and Jack the Ripper. It has a blend of 25% indica and 75% sativa. What makes this strain a favorite among users is its perfect blend of CBD and THC levels. It is also well-suited for medical patients. Royal Madre is the champion for growers who are looking for the fast-growing plant since this one matures in just eight weeks.

5. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is the plant that you can cultivate in an outdoor and indoor setting. This one produces major yield, perfect for those who aim for high harvest. If you cultivate it indoors, you can harvest as much as 600 grams per square meter. Amnesia Haze offers an instant psychedelic buzz that relaxes the mind and body.

6. Jack Herer

If you are looking for a new strain, why not start with a classic? Jack Herer is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid that is named after the famous cannabis activist and author.

This strain offers an energizing feeling that will wake you up. It also has a delicious aroma that smells heavenly.

7. Green Crack

Green Crack was rumored to be named by Snoop Dog himself. Whether it might be true or not, this delicious sweet strain will elevate your mood and alleviate your pain. Puff this strain and you will be on your way to finish the task you couldn’t get yourself to work with. The invigorating mental effects of the strain will uplift your mind and give you an exceptional high.

8. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is the strain for legends. This is the kind of strain that potheads used to dream about and now, it’s been completed and engineered to perfection by legitimate breeders. Sour Diesel will give you that soft yet incredible experience that’s well-loved for its soothing effects. It has a perfect combination of earthy and fruity taste. 

9. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is the sativa strain that will make you love marijuana even more. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid which is a cross between Silver Haze and Blueberry. This one is the best strain for those who don’t have a lot of experience with marijuana. It gives calming and relaxing effects that are almost similar to indica strains.

10. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a strong and potent strain, ideal for those who are looking for marijuana with a kick. Its name was created because smokers tend to cough right after smoking this strain. But despite this, it offers a happy high that is associated with uplifted mood. It has a hint of strawberry with a mellow sweet smell. Puff a small amount of Strawberry Cough before you go out for a night in Vegas and you are in for some great time.

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Sativa strains offer amazing benefits whether you use it for medical or recreational purposes. Finding the best sativa in Las Vegas that fits your preference and body chemistry is very important to guarantee that you will reap the benefits that you wanted to enjoy. Try the strains we have mentioned above, you might find the ideal one for you.   

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