Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds

If you are looking to buy marijuana seeds online, one fact to watch out for if you are a beginner is to expect that you will surely come across some decision issues along the way. Especially during the point when you are choosing which cannabis seeds to buy that you think will be perfect for you.

If you are new to marijuana or just recently became a medical marijuana patient, you need to do some back reading and research on what type of seeds to use and which strains to go for. While you at it, surely you are already thinking about which seed bank to go with.

Buying cannabis seeds and growing marijuana should not be difficult. In fact, since the recent wave of legalizations for recreational and medical cannabis, there are more and more online side banks popping up everywhere. However, we should be vigilant about the details every time we buy cannabis seeds online. Make use of the internet's power to provide information, so you can easily check the history and background of the seed banks you are dealing with.

Those that have been longer in the business are more likely to be reputable. While you at it, make sure to check on the reviews of other customers or 3rd party sites as well as this can really say a lot about the previous transactions they have made online.

To learn more about what to look for when buying the best cannabis seeds or medical seeds online, read more below.

Different Cannabis Seeds for Sale | Weed Seeds

1. Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds are your good old Cannabis Seeds in its pure form. This marijuana seed grows at the same pace as a feminized seed of similar cannabis strains. Meaning regular feminized seeds are basically the feminized seeds we get when we buy weed seeds online. Regular seeds are the cheapest among the different marijuana seeds for sale. Make sure to always go for the known high-quality strains that you can read about in plenty online. Regular seeds strains are abundantly available and almost all known and popular seeds would have a regular version of it.

2. Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically modified weed seeds made from breeding two (2) female plants. This is made possible by taking advantage of the Cannabis plant's natural survival response to extreme stress where females turn into hermaphrodites. The hermie pollen carrying female cannabis plant produced will then be used to fertilize another female marijuana plant.

If successful, the use of two female cannabis plants should result in the elimination of the Y chromosome in the seeds produced. Feminized seeds can guarantee a female cannabis plant 99% of the time. Remember only female Cannabis plants produce the marijuana buds or flowers that we are sought after.

3. Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are a hybrid strain cannabis seed of either Indica or Sative or both, mixed with Cannabis Ruderalis, which naturally possess an auto-flowering feature due to its adaptation in the harsh environment where this species was discovered. Auto-flowering seeds grow faster than other cannabis seed types but are also expected to be smaller in size and yield. Autoflowering Cannabis seeds are perfect for medical marijuana patients or those who are new to growing cannabis as this seed type is the easiest to grow and has a simpler growth cycle overall. You can still expect the highest quality marijuana flowers from autoflowering seeds. However, not all marijuana strains have been lucky enough to have an auto-flowering version of it.

4. High CBD Marijuana Seeds

High CBD seeds strains are highly recommended for medical cannabis patients who do not want to use weed and end up getting high. High CBD seeds are bred to increase CBD and lower the THC contents to lower or eliminate the psychoactive effects. High CBD seeds can be any of the following cannabis seed types above. There are feminized cannabis seeds CBD, Auto-flowering cannabis seeds CBD and Regular CBD seeds from different strains and hybrids.

Tips on Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Now, If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds online, you should begin by having a good understanding of which particular cannabis strain you think will perfect for you. All considering the different seed types that have been mentioned above, you should now have a slimmer set of choices that you need to narrow down to make that purchase. But, this does not end here.

Next is we need to pick from several reputable seed banks out there and see which one offers the best value for our budget, and the best marijuana seed that we believe will fit perfectly in our space and resources. Also, watch out for offers as some seed banks do promos and give free seeds every time you buy wholesale cannabis seeds from them.

Step 1 - Choose a Reputable Seed Bank

This is always the first step every time you buy anything online, may it be marijuana seeds or any other product, always check the history and the background of the company or the cannabis seed bank for this matter. Due to the technological age and the pandemic, more and more people are always online and there are bad elements out there who prey on consumers like you especially for a product that has been illicit for a long time and has just recently been legalized. Ready customer reviews and third-party review sites to give you a glimpse of how these seed banks transact with other customers.

Step 2- Check Shipping Details and Procedures

While you are doing all your history and background check, also make sure to put in some queries regarding details of their shipping procedures. Reputable seed banks would usually have a Customer Service team that can provide you with enough information that you need to ensure that these parts of the process will be perfect for your situation.

If you live in a country where there are strict regulations about marijuana, weed seeds are sent via stealth shipping which may have additional charges. Make sure you have a full understanding of the whole process to ensure you will have peace of mind during waiting for your high-quality cannabis seeds to arrive. Also, check out if they have other seeds delivery options that they offer.

Step 3 - Check the Strains, Pricing and Reviews

Make sure you compare the prices of each strain and the different seed type varieties different seedbanks offer. Usually, each seed bank has its own set of specialty strains that they offer lower than others as they are now able to produce cannabis seeds for that particular strain more efficiently than others. Marijuana Seeds come in all shapes and sizes and make sure you understand the numbers that are presented in some reviews. Going with the highest yield is not always the smartest choice as having huge buds or flowers means you have a large plant to produce it.

Always consider your space and resources when buying cannabis seeds as it can be a handful to grow some strains especially if you have limited space indoors and you are trying to grow in secret.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

If you live in the United States in a location that has legalized medical marijuana use, and your doctor believes that your condition can be benefitted from cannabis as a treatment, then they will issue a medical marijuana card and include you in the list of patients that are allowed to purchase marijuana flowers or cannabis seeds/medical cannabis seeds or any of its other by-products like edibles and capsules from legal retailers called dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana is used as a treatment for:

  • MS or Multiple Sclerosis & Muscle Spasms
  • Side effects of Chemotherapy like Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Loss of weight and appetite caused by HIV & Chronic pains
  • Glaucoma
  • Crohn's Disease

There are a couple of FDA-approved prescription medicines that are sold to the public which has THC in it as an active ingredient to treat nausea and to improve appetite. These prescription drugs are called Cesamet and Marinol.

Medical Marijuana Side Effects:

The usual side effects of marijuana are temporary but serious side effects might occur if you have underlying conditions or other issues such as mild psychosis and anxiety which may be aggravated by cannabis use.

  • Dizziness
  • Euphoria
  • Short term memory loss
  • Drowsiness

Top Marijuana Seeds Strains for Sale

There are a lot of marijuana strains out there that also have unique features to it, like taste, scent and effects. Marijuana plants may look similar, but not all of them are made the same. There are other cannabis strains today that are far more superior to others in terms of potency, growth speed, yield and effects.

You may prefer a classic strain that has been satisfying consumers since the '90s like OG Kush, or a know high yielding super strain called the Super Silver Haze, which is perfect for outdoors because of its taller heights. There is also a lot of options for Medical High CBD weed like Charlotte's web which is a very popular and potent medical use cannabis strain. There are also High THC strains that will deliver the punch like the Gorilla glue, Afghani Kush, Hindu Kush or Pineapple Express, which are both popular for its potency/high THC and yield.

Here in Sonoma Seeds, we have a wide array of seed selections of different popular marijuana strains that are all high-quality with high germination rates. Make sure not to fall for those cheap seeds, that promise top-shelf high-quality seeds. Genuine high-quality cannabis seeds always have high values hence more pricey especially if the strain has been tested through years of growing it and improving it by the seed banks.

Why use Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds?

If you are a medical patient, who has the option and the resources to grow your own supply of medicinal marijuana. The best-recommended seed type is Auto-flowering Seeds. This is because they still contain decent amounts of CBD and THC and they are fairly easy to grow. These auto-flowering features taken from the Cannabis Ruderalis also allow the plant to flower on its own once it is mature based on age and not by photoperiod schedules. Plus, other features that came along with the auto-flowering characteristics are their fast-growing features and small manageable sizes with huge and dense buds that will surely deliver the effects that we need to alleviate the symptoms being treated.

These strains will practically grow into this beautiful plant with less maintenance. All you need to do is to provide her with the best environment and resources and you will surely enjoy come harvest time.

Why use Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

If you buy feminized cannabis seeds, not only are you assured that you will be getting premium quality cannabis seeds but this will also guarantee that you will be harvesting some marijuana flowers in due time. As we know only female cannabis plants will produce the buds that we are after. Naturally, each regular cannabis seeds in its pure form will always have a 50/50 chance of becoming either a male or a female marijuana plant.

Feminized seeds are used by most professional and commercial growers in the market today, this is because feminized cannabis seeds are the best option there is to ensure that you have an all-female garden in every batch, allowing you to allocate all your resources into producing marijuana flowers, instead of waiting for some time and discovering that more than half of your garden are males.

These kinds of scenarios are where the value of feminized cannabis seeds comes into play. Having the control of channelling all your space and resources into a group of potent bud producing female cannabis plants will make the difference in the success of your growing season.

High-Quality Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Check out our wide selection of Premium Cannabis seeds in our Seed Libraries.

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How many marijuana seeds per pot?

One seed per pot. That's what it takes to grow a single marijuana plant. Also, it is highly recommended to plant only one (1) marijuana seed per container or pot. There are many reasons behind why it is so, but one is to make sure you have full control of each plant in their own individual pots.

How to buy marijuana seeds online?

Sonoma Seeds is a West coast-based premium cannabis seed company that sells marijuana seeds online, carrying top-quality & high-germinating premium marijuana seeds from all cannabis seed types. Sonoma seeds are known for their high-quality genetics that is all grown organically from the classics to the latest strains today.

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