Germination Instructions

To qualify for the Sonoma Seeds Guarantee, we require you germinate your Sonoma Seeds only by using the recommended method described below. Any other methods used to germinate your seeds will not be covered by our guarantee. We have tested numerous methods of germination and have found the best ways to germinate.  Furthermore, We will […]

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging guide

We consider Packaging ought to be regenerative and help heal the environment during its lifecycle.  Our Packaging supplies you with high-quality, compliant, and sustainable packaging solutions which you and your clients will feel good about using. Our Packaging: Showcases your dedication to sustainability from seed-to-sale. Differentiates your products and helps grow your business. Bolsters your […]

5 Best CBD Oils for Pain, Anxiety, and Sleep in 2021

A lot of hysteria and stress can’t be explained. Anxiety disorders are America’s commonest mental illness, affecting quite 18% of the nation’s adults. That’s almost 1 in every five adults. Furthermore, most of those people never seek formal treatment. An August Gallup poll found that 20% of U.S. CBD users are using it to treat […]

Importance of Hemp Protein

Whey protein has been the most dominating billion-dollar industry for sports personalities and fitness freaks. However, very recently, lactose-intolerant consumers or vegans who prefer dairy-free products are shifting to hemp protein powder. It is derived from cannabis Sativa L. plant strain seed that is rich in manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. Moreover, hemp protein is […]

Some Good Reasons Why You Should Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds

grow regular cannabis seeds

Regular seeds are the basic type of seeds that go back as far as the earlier days. This one’s a classic that people these days still manage to use it in growing cannabis. With the birth of feminized seeds, the number of growers using regular cannabis seeds continues to reduce since growers are seeking for […]

Regular VS Feminized Marijuana Seeds

regular vs feminized

With the progression of cannabis’ legalization throughout other countries and selected states, it’s possible to be filled with curiosity about taking the first step in growing and consuming marijuana. If you have gained interest in growing marijuana, it’s time to engage in discovering the growing requirements that will work for you, one of which is […]

Can you Tell the Sex of Cannabis Seeds

can you tell the sex of cannabis seeds

Out of all the considerations in growing cannabis, the sexual intercourse of the seeds is one of the most challenging factors. The intercourse of the plants are is important because growers are only rooting for the thriving of the female plants as they produce big THC-enriched buds or in some cases, the medical benefits CBD-enriched […]

Special Care in Growing Fast Version Marijuana Strains

Special Care in Growing Fast Version Marijuana Strains

A lot of reasons will be build-up when you want to grow fast version marijuana strains. It may not only consider what type of marijuana strains you need to grow but also on what are the special cares it needed to obtain it. The need to harvest it quickly can be a tone of you […]

Can You Breed Fast Version Strains with Regular Marijuana?

Can You Breed Fast Version Strains with Regular Marijuana

Cannabis cultivation is easily taking the lead in the local market and dispensaries. More people are becoming interested in trying to breed, plant, and smoke some new strains that serve them well in all aspects. However, the need for speed in cultivation is, thus, highly required, too. Gone are the days when only the regulars […]

How are Fast Version Marijuana Strains Made

How are Fast Version Marijuana Strains Made

Time is very important, like gold, according to a saying, especially to some commercial growers who are aiming for more harvest within one season. Others will have their own reasons why they like to grow fast version. Of course, Fast Version seeds are quick-growing ones that need less effort from growers during cultivation but may […]