Afghani Hawaiian x laos x Jamaica Feminized Marijuana Seeds


A strain that’s made from a love triangle of very popular and potent strains is the Afghani Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica. This is a feminized hybrid that’s high-yielding, easy to grow and has one of the highest THC at 25%. This strain is also a therapeutic strain capable of busting chronic pains, anxiety and stress.

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25 Seeds $240.00

Afghani Hawaiian x laos x Jamaica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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More About Afghani Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica (Fem)

Fruit. Spice. Nectar. A Love Triangle You’ll Enjoy

When three strains native to three specific areas from all over the world meet, you should be prepared for the ultimate toking experience. High yielding, energizing, and medically beneficial, this strain has so much to offer that it will definitely be hard to say no. The Afghani Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica is a Sativa dominant collaboration between the three epics in its name, and it will surely bring an upbeat high for people who want to feel giddy, boosted, and uplifted.

Its THC levels can skyrocket to 25 percent, and it can provide a very intense high mixed with some relaxation, too. After that enticed boost in vigor, it also offers a sense of calm to help the user go down properly. Because of the tranquilizing effect it brings, it will help in avoiding overkill and too much excitement.

2 reviews for Afghani Hawaiian x laos x Jamaica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Phil Brisban

    I got some ridiculously high yields off my seeds! Super chunky and frosty buds, trichs were falling all over when I chopped them off during harvest! The smoke was nice and creamy, no itchy patches on the throat. I can always trust Sonoma Seeds with their top quality products! Extremely convenient and easy transaction, no fuss at all. I was fairly surprised how fast my seeds arrived, wasn’t expecting them for another week or so. Anyway, I ain’t complaining! More power Sonoma Seeds!

  2. Eliot Adler

    Very easy to grow no problems. This was an incredible grow, the plant did above and beyond what i expected. Taste is nice and smooth sweet tasting as well high is nice and relaxing but keeps you focused. I highly recommend this strain if youre looking for a nice taste and smooth high!

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