Auto CBD Cheese 450

Auto CBD Cheese Marijuana Seeds


Get ready to a rich-CBD experience with Auto CBD Cheese. This is a strain known for its amazing therapeutic properties and delicious cheesy aroma and taste. This strain will send waves of warmth and happiness through your body. And because it’s an automatic strain, expect a fast growing cannabis and the best yields.

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More About Auto CBD Cheese (1:1)

Auto CBD Cheese is a strain that you should not want to miss. It is a CBD-rich variety that has been perfected with the highly respected genetics Cheese XXL Autoflowering and an Auto CBD. True to its name, a delicious cheese flavor will surely strike every user with hints of warmth and happiness. She is a very flexible strain that can be grown in an indoor or outdoor growing condition.

However, one thing its growers need to know is its maximum capacity to offer high-quality yields when grown indoor with supervised lighting and temperature control. She can generate up to 170 grams per plant. Its attractive sativa and indica genetics will certainly wind up and stimulate your mood. Notwithstanding its great CBD inclusions, that is pretty appealing for those who are looking for a perfect strain that is worth a gem in the medical field.

With its soaring CBD levels, one would find more medical value with this strain. Used to provide pain relief, lower anxiety levels, and beat insomnia, this is a strain that proves to be a very potent medical marijuana. Growing this weed would be best done outdoors as it thoroughly enjoys the warm sunlight.

2 reviews for Auto CBD Cheese Marijuana Seeds

  1. Nancy Prado

    This beauty was very easy to cultivate. I grew this plant in my secret room and her small structure was just perfect in there. Auto CBD Cheese was a great yielder! This strain is fantastic to use for relaxing and enjoy a taste, without having to think about the nasty headache. This strain generate a sweet scent and taste with a hint of cheese and fresh flowers.

  2. R. Wright

    This is not one for a beginner but a little experience may give you an advantage. This strain also produced large amounts of high resinous buds, it grows like a cone with thin leaves and long branches and if you’re someone like me who wants a solid dose of CBD then you’re on the right strain. The aroma is just how it tastes, intensely cheese with a bit of pepper and citrus. A functional high was exactly what I was looking for and what I got. The super mellow effects got me through my day feeling happy and positive and relaxed but after an hour and a half to two, drowsiness sets in. Definitely, something to seek for when wanting an enjoyable, calming, and relaxing effect.

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