Auto CBD Haze Marijuana Seeds


You’ll be impressed with the amount of resin you’ll harvest with Auto CBD Haze. This is a fantastic strain that flowers fast and grows fast in just 10 weeks. You’ll love its small and compact body that’s perfect for growing weed stealthily at home. And because it’s a sativa, expect a stimulating and energetic high.

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More About Auto CBD Haze (1:1)

Auto CBD Haze is a strain with an exceptional resin composition. Its flowering phase is completed after ten weeks. She can grow up to a medium-size plant with a vivid lime green leaves and sparkling orange pistils. It is featuring a lovely strain that can grow up to 120 cm. She surely is a must strain that can generate a low THC and high CBD inclusions with 1:1 proportion, which is good for medicinal and recreational purposes.

One thing that makes it very attractive is its ability to generate a soothing and relaxing feeling that can alleviate stress and anxiety. Being a sativa dominant strain, one more thing that is beneficial from its capability to provide good sleep, perfect for those individuals dealing with insomnia. A versatile strain that can be grown either in an indoor or outdoor growing environment with a generous yield of up to 100 grams per plant when grown outdoor.

1 review for Auto CBD Haze Marijuana Seeds

  1. G. Chambers

    A delight for amateur growers wanting to fill their pantries with CBD rich buds. With just a bit of attention, I was able to produce bountiful crops. Although I must say that this plant surely stretches a lot so it’s best to grow it outdoors. A good trick I did that truly helped was adding 30% of coco coir to the substrate and frequent irrigation. Truly a wonderful sensation when smoking as it emits a sweet aroma with hints of incense and exotic fruits. The flavor in addition is invigorating with the hallmark Haze tang of incense and spice. The effects are an uplifting euphoria and mental alertness and clear-headed relaxation always sought for people like me who get distracted easily.

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