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Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds


Only a balanced strain like the Auto CBD Kush can give you the best of both worlds. Enjoy a wonderful high that’s not too overpowering and yet you’ll get relief from pain and stress. It is a small plant that flowers quickly thanks to its autoflowering genetics. You’ll get more buds despite its small size.

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More About Auto CBD Kush (1:1)

A CBD rich strain, Auto CBD Kush is a hybrid strain that offers varied traits and characteristics. She is composed of 1:1 THC and CBD ratio that can surely be of help to various maladies and difficulties. A sativa and indica attributes make it an all-around strain when it comes to its growing properties up to its results and conclusions. Auto CBD Kush can grow up to 120 cm. With up to 80 days to complete its flowering phase.

It grows short but with great quality results. One of the effects that it can deliver is a body high that is moderately tranquilizing. The genetics and compositions of its lineage will surely stun its users. It can offer a powerful punch that can enhance ones’ mood with a very relaxing sensation. She got a detailed psychoactive influence that is preferred by various cannabis cultivators.


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  1. Octave Huard

    Growing this strain was easy! It handles the nutrients you give at it well and grows quick. Small little plant and have a good amount of rock solid buds. Nice aroma that is simultaneously fruity sweet and dank. One of the best smoke for pain relief it was a really nice high.

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