Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds


Auto CBD Ratio has very high CBD levels making it one of the best strains for growing medicinal weed at home. It’s one of the easiest to grow with shorter flowering times and small frame, just enough to grow your own supply at home. Expect 22% CBD , ideal for pain, stress and anxiety with Auto CBD Ratio strain.

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Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds

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More About Auto CBD Ratio 1:30 

Auto CBD Ratio is a strain that includes exceptional CBD levels and profoundly well-built lineage genetics. This means that she is capable of delivering outstanding plant features when it comes to its efficiency in cultivation, its high-quality yield returns, and, most especially, its strong defense against various plant diseases.

Being an auto-flowering strain, she is acknowledged to be very easy to grow with less supervision. A bountiful and generous yield is expected when grown with its preferred treatment, as she can offer up to 500 grams per plant. Known to be very rich in CBD, this strain can carry up to 22 percent of CBD, which is pretty ideal and of lots of value in the medical cannabis society. Notwithstanding, a pine, pungent, and unique woody aroma and flavor will surely attract the senses. Brighten up the day for your relaxing and calming feeling that can be produced by this lovely strain.

2 reviews for Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds

  1. Stephen Bemis

    Auto CBD Ratio is very easy to grow strain and has a very short flowering time, perfect to cultivate at home. She yields very generously and smells very nice. This strain a perfect a remedy for body pain and stress. I recommend this strain for all therapeutic marijuana users.

  2. Marc Jalbert

    Auto CBD Ratio was an amazing strain to grow and a fast grower! Plant was really awesome and very resilient for a first time grower like me. This variety and just extraordinary for any beginner who wants to grow cannabis. Grew easy, real pretty plant and nice smoke what else could you ask for. I’d recommend.

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