Black Domina CBD

Black Domina CBD Marijuana Seeds


Black Domina is a cannabis strain ready to impress even the most experienced growers. It was created by combining very potent strains. If you’re looking for an easy strain to grow without the usual fuss then this is the strain for you. This strain can grow in almost all environment and as long as you provide its growing needs, you’ll have the best yields.

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Black Domina CBD Marijuana Seeds

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More About CBD Black Domina

The outcome of cross-breeding the lineages from Ortega, Northern Lights, Hash, and Afghani is the best CBD strain, CBD Black Domina. Given the name, the seed grows and matures into an almost black, with hues of green leaves. Aesthetically pleasing, along with its undeniably elevated CBD rich components, reaching up to 10%.

Thanks to its genetic makeup from unknown strain oozing with CBD, it directly influences the cognitive and body with relaxing high and soothing expression of THC level. A fighting tool to impede cancer growth, the strain has a promising therapeutic capacity that caters not an only minor ailment but likewise extends to major cases.

Despite having a less psychoactive impact, it can still generate a reasonable high that could leave users slightly jittery, combined with mind impulsing thoughts. Recreational and medical users can truly enjoy; the strain has basic requirements to achieve cultivating success. They are composed of easy and manageable characteristics that even amateur growers can afford to exert.

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    Ryan F.

    An easy strain to grow for beginners, I didn’t even have to wait too long to harvest. What I loved the most about this is that it only grows an average size so room space wasn’t really an issue and I was able to grow it indoors effortlessly. I was equally delighted when I was able to get heavy yields! A peppery, hashish and fruity aroma enveloped the room when I smoked this, though it was quite strong for my taste I loved the effects! I initially bought this because of its relaxation effects but I’m staying also for the hint of uplifting and creative high. It’s well balanced and just a perfect choice for after shifts. I swear by it now you’ve got to give this a shot!

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