Black Domina x Scott's OG


One of the hardest-hitting strains is Black Domina x Scot’s OG. This is a feminized strain that will give you amazing relief from pain, anxiety and stress. THC levels for this strain can be as high as 26% and this is one of the most potent strains. You’ll love its citrusy and pungent strains with sandalwood under tones.

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Black Domina x Scott's OG

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More About Black Domina x Scott´s OG (fem)

As Dark As Dark Can Be

Are you looking for the ultimate hard-hit sedation? Perfect for tension, stress, tightness, and other pains, the Black Domina x Scott’s OG collaboration will bring you that relief that you need. A good match for evening consumption, this strain is 80 percent Indica and has THC levels ranging from 16 percent to 21 percent on average, reaching 26 percent in some cases.

Planting the Black Domina x Scott’s OG ends quite quickly, with the flowering stage being reached within 7 to 9 weeks. The seeds of this strain thrive well in most growing mediums, and getting feminized seeds can boost your yield, too.

One reason to love this strain is the sensual revitalization it brings in just a single whiff. It has a touch of dank scent, which is also citrusy and pungent, and it tastes a similar way at first. Eventually, it leaves a pine and sandalwood aftertaste, canceling out the initial sourness.

1 review for Black Domina x Scott’s OG

  1. Burnell DuLin

    This strain is really interesting she really preformed great, topped once it grew nice and open, bud size are uniform. I had no problems at all throughout the grow. A very powerful strain for sure, keeps you relaxed and sleepy. I highly recommend this weed!

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