Black Jack Marijuana Seeds


Black Jack Autoflower is a strain with a very high THC and is an easy growing strain. It can thrive in any growing environment and loves a temperate continental and Mediterranean climate. It is a heavy yielder too as you can get as much as 550 grams of usable weed per plant.

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Black Jack Marijuana Seeds

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More About Black Jack Autoflower 

Black Jack Autoflower is a sativa dominant hybrid autoflower cannabis strain with a high THC and is very easy to grow. This strain was made from combining two potent strains: a powerful Black Jack and an unknown ruderalis strain.

Black Jack Autoflower is easy to grow and will thrive anywhere. It can live in the sunny Mediterranean or a temperate Continental climate. It will flower in only eight weeks with high THC levels at 23% and only 1% CBD.

Black Jack Autoflower is a tiny plant at only 90 cm tall even when mature. But don’t let its short size fool you as these plants will yield 400 to 550 grams of usable yield per plant. Considering these growing traits, this strain is indeed perfect for growers who want to stealthily grow cannabis at home.

Your plants are ready to harvest any time of the year with buds having berry, earthy, pine, sweet, flowery, and tobacco flavors.

2 reviews for Black Jack Marijuana Seeds

  1. PChenard

    A friend of mine recommended these Black Jack auto to me. Really easy strain to grow, my autos pretty much took everything in there stride. I’m pleased to say that they have nice dense trichomes covered nugs. Great grow and highly recommended for first timers you’ll get a good yield.

  2. Ashton M.

    I am impressed with how so undemanding and easy to grow this plant is. Harvested huge and aromatic buds with my first batch. What I love about the Black Jack is its complex flavors and its solid high. I highly recommend this strain. 9/10

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