Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Blueberry x Mazar autoflowering is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a very relaxing effect. It’s best for having sweet and spicy flavors thanks to its flavorful and potent parents. It needs a sunny and warm environment to grow but can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. Your plants will yield up to 19% THC with no special lighting schedule needed.

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Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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More About Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower 

Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower is an indica-dominant hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain. It is a strain with a relaxing effect, with sweet flavors and spicy notes. This hybrid strain was made from the union of a potent Automatic Blueberry and a legendary Mazar strain.

Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower will require a sunny and warm climate to grow healthy and provide good yields. It can be cultivated outdoors or indoors, but most growers prefer to grow this inside a greenhouse. Your buds can give you 19% THC tops.

When grown in the best conditions, Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower plants can produce around 500 grams of yield per square meter of indoor space. When this strain is grown outdoors, your plants can produce around 60 to 100 grams of yield per plant.

Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower flowers fast and will be ready for harvest all year. The buds smell earthy, fruity, and sweet.

1 review for Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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    Antonio Coker

    I enjoyed growing this little beauties. She had a great personality and was very easy to get along with. Will be harvesting my first Blueberry x Mazar auto grow in about 2 weeks. Looking forward to it ! Pretty much pay attention to making sure giving all attention and it will take off. Sonoma Seeds Rocks!!!

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