Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Bruce Banner x White Russian feminized strain is an indica-dominant strain ideal for new growers. It flowers quickly and comes with very high THC. It is all female, no males that can ruin all your hard work. It has thick and dense buds and will bloom the earliest in just 8 weeks.

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Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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More About Bruce Banner x White Russian (fem)

Bruce Banner x White Russian (fem) is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is popular for its quick flowering and high THC content. This hybrid was made out of the union of an incredible Bruce Banner and a lovely but fierce White Russian strain. It is also a feminized strain, and this means that all feminized Bruce Banner x White Russian seeds will grow to only female plants.

Bruce Banner x White Russian is a charmer with its thick and dense buds. It will flower in just 8 to 10 weeks and will yield from 400 to 600 grams per plant or get more when you cultivate this. The buds will soon be ready for harvest come September, and these will smell earthy, sweet, pungent, berry, and diesel. This plant requires a temperate/Continental or a sunny/Mediterranean climate to grow healthy and develop good yields. Finally, you can grow Bruce Banner x White Russian indoors, outdoors, or inside a greenhouse.

1 review for Bruce Banner x White Russian Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    Daniel L.

    As a Sativa-strain enthusiast, I will definitely add this to my favorites!! It brings an energetic and euphoric high that doesn’t wear you out after but is still a great choice when opting to get a good night’s sleep. The exciting blend of diesel, earthy, berry, and sweet taste was such a great surprise and made the experience even more enjoyable. Growing it was also thrilling for when exposed to cold night temperatures, the broad dark green leaves, and greenish colas turn into magenta!!! I used a hydroponic set up yielded about 600 grams per plant! But when wanting to grow this outdoors, one must be wary of its easily identifiable pungent smell, not to mention its Indica strain can make it grow up to 7 feet tall!! So be careful when wanting to be discreet about cultivating this strain. Overall, it was a terrific experience growing the plant and enjoying the fruit of my labor. You have got to give this a shot!

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