Candyland CBD Marijuana Seeds


Candyland is a fantastic strain to grow because of its impressive recreational and medicinal strain. You’ll love how this strain can relieve all kinds of pain, arthritis, migraines, muscle pains, chronic pains and digestive pain. You can also get good results for the relief of anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. It’s very easy to grow as it thrives in almost all environments.

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Candyland CBD Marijuana Seeds

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More About CBD Candyland

Provided by the name, CBD Candyland promises to deliver not only powerful CBD benefits but also a candy-like taste dripping with sweet and delicious berry and earthy scent. Undoubtedly, this strain is the unique version of the strains, Platinum Cookies, and Granddaddy Purple, serving you with a dessert-like terpenoid quality. With a CBD and THC ratio of 1:1, the strain warrants users with potent high and high capacity of medical care.

Soaring of about 14% of CBD and THC, it is ideal for recreational users with low tolerance to experiment and indulge with minimal psychoactive impacts. It is more promising for medicinal users to grow, for it works wonders in pain and suffering from numerous health issues.

Indoor and outdoor, it has high resilience to molds and with easy growing capacity suitable for beginners to cultivate, with high regard to its lineages characteristics inheritance. Guarantees growers to achieve a high harvest within eight to ten weeks of flowering—an almost perfect assurance of female growth at the end of the cycle.


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