Carmagnola CBD Marijuana Seeds


Carnagnola is a good marijuana strain that will give you the best yields even for very little effort. It prefers a warm and sunny environment although it can grow in almost all climates. It will produce big and dense buds with delicious flavors and scents that will surely get you hooked.

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Carmagnola CBD Marijuana Seeds

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More About CBD Carmagnola

This indica dominant strain, CBD Carmagnola, came from a descendant with a deep historical background. It has an Italian lineage developed for over fifteen years. Genetically, the strain is expected to produce a massive production with an extremely satisfactory quality of the harvest. The mixture of CBD rich strain on its genetic makeup makes the plant more satisfying and gives the plant a few extra kicks to combat health problems and other concerning issues.

With over 9% of CBD, surely, the strain will give off a high potential power that allows everyone to feel more comfortable with their lives away from the burdens of pain, anxiety, and depression. The THC level of CBD Carmagnola struggles to reach at least 1%; hence, there should be no psychoactive effects experience aside from its therapeutic claims.

Best for indoor and outdoor, the strain is known to be a tremendous creator of high-quality production. Within sixty days of flowering indoor, it may successfully attain within 600 to 1000 grams of expected output, with only minimal requirements and simple managing skills compelled. Certainly, it can be handled among beginner growers.


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