Chocolope Marijuana Seeds


Chocolope was created by combining very potent and popular strains OG Chocolate Thai and a Cannalopehaze. The result is a blend of stimulating sativa that makes this strain effective for chronic pain, depression and stress. Chocolope is a resinous strain which will work well when you’re making tasty concentrates. THC levels can go as much as 23%.

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Chocolope Marijuana Seeds

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More About Chocolope Regular

A descendant of O.G. Chocolate Thai strain and Cannalopehaze strain, the Chocolope Regular strain is a regular type of seed that furnishes the best of its lineages. It generates very comforting influences of sativa, which overwhelms the genetic makeup of this strain.

It has striking cerebral and body high that will indeed capture the appetites of recreational users. For medical cannabis consumers, growing this type of strain will furnish the need for everyday relief from various apparent physical and mental health concerns due to its considerable therapeutic insistence.

This highly resinous strain will generate a complete production of harvest within seventy days of waiting. A very easy and manageable strain, made itself available for cultivation among beginner growers and seeds grow both indoor and outdoor locations. Typically, it can develop a very high level of THC, estimated to produce over 23%. The terpenoids of chocolate and earthy tones it contains will be apparent even throughout the growing process.

1 review for Chocolope Marijuana Seeds

  1. JGougeon

    This was an extremely simple plant to grow. Surprisingly easy to grow and the disease resistance was amazing. I am impressed with the quality and the strain of this beautiful plant. I highly recommend this cool strain.

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