Cream Caramel Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Cream Caramel seeds produce a potent plant with buds that are very high in THC at 23% and a high that lasts several hours. Buds on Cream Caramel are dark and fluffy with a sweet taste and caramel aroma. This indica dominant strain makes a great way to wind down the day.

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Cream Caramel Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Cream Caramel is a very potent indica with high levels of THC and huge yields. At 90% indica with 23% THC, it will quickly soothe the mind and body. Cream Caramel gets it’s sweet taste and caramel aroma from Maple Leaf indica and produces large, dark fluffy buds.

  • Type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Growing: Easy
  • Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks
  • Indica/Sativa: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
  • Effect: Body High
  • THC: High 23%
  • CBD: 0.4%
  • Country: Spain
  • Yield: Up to 400 grams indoor / 600 grams outdoors
  • Genetics: Blue Black + Maple Leaf Indica + White Rhino

Cream Caramel is among the best potent cannabis strains. It is among the greatest strains with good THC content and long-lasting effects. If you are using cannabis for recreational purposes, then you should consider this one. 

Cream Caramel is a potent cannabis plant that produces dark and fluffy leaves and buds. If the taste matters to you, then you must never hesitate to give it a try. Cream Caramel has a sweet flavor that blends well with the invigorating aroma of caramel. Its taste/aroma profile made it a perfect choice when you want to rest and unwind after a busy day at work.

Its THC content is around 23%, so its effect can be truly psychedelic and potent. That is true especially if you take a higher dose of Cream Caramel. This cannabis strain is the offspring of Maple Leaf Indica, White Rhino, and Blue Black, which are three of the best cannabis strains for the past several years. 

Cream Caramel Effects & Features

Cream Caramel is a good mental booster. It is fast-acting, so it can be very helpful when you’re struggling to lose weight. Its effect tends to last for hours. With high THC content, taking a minor dose will surely go a long way. 

Cream Caramel Flavors & Uses

The buds of Cream Caramel are puffy and dark, with a delightfully sweet taste. The strain’s creamy aroma will wake up your sleepy senses. This combination of taste and aroma is making Cream Caramel a truly excellent choice for recreational purposes. 

Cream Caramel Grow Info

Cream Caramel will instantly soothe your body and mind. It gets its pleasing taste and aroma from the Maple Leaf. Its flowering time lasts between 7 and 8 weeks. When it comes to yield, Cream Caramel can yield up to 400g when planted indoors or 600g when cultivated outdoors.

17 reviews for Cream Caramel Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Lavender

    Cream Caramel is 4 feet high and loaded with buds- way better producer then I thought it would be- put into flower when it was 21 inches tall. They smell amazing! It is a light aroma that smells like caramel apples!

  2. Ian Carlson

    Cream Caramel is a beauty! Yields great. Dense as ever nugs. Creamy sweet biscuit caramel notes, as expected. Sweet and creamy in the vaporizer, a very unique and delicious taste. The high was clean and made me relaxed and happy. Strong indica-style stone. Sonoma Seeds keep it up!

  3. Wallace Silva

    Super consistent phenos in terms of growth speed, smell and color. Cream Caramel has a strong sweet aroma with hints of skunk and spices. The effect is strong long lasting Indica, increases appetite very much, but doesn’t make you sleepy, very relaxed, everything becomes joyful. Thank you Sonoma for this perfect strain!

  4. Ken Pearson

    Beautiful purple colors towards the end of the grow with very little temperature manipulation. She loves being topped and trained! She tastes so creamy and sweet. When you smoke it, at first it is very strong and gets you very high, when the high is going down you can feel a very nice and relaxed state of mind and body.

  5. Bob Holland

    The marijuana plants grow beautiful dense buds with a good resin coat. They smell somewhat spicy with a bit of pine and a caramel taste to them. It helps me get through my grief and PTSD and my appetite came back! Right now it’s 100% my favorite indica. I would definitely grow again and recommend this strain and your company!

  6. Jaime Douglas

    Overall, she was pretty easy to grow despite some issues along the way. She was very resilient. The rosin is crystal clear amber goodness. Relaxes the body and mind. It’s very helpful for people with ADHD and anxiety. One of my favorite strains. Thank you Sonoma Seeds for amazing genetics!

  7. Kelly

    Exactly as advertised. Was a great cultivar for making oil preparations as it was highly resinous.

  8. Charlie Pettit

    I really liked this strain the indications are very reliable. Very vigorous plants which resist heat well, and very active and fast grow. I’m very pleased and will definitely buy it from Sonoma Seeds again!

  9. Reid

    Quite good. The taste is outstanding. This one really delivered on the flavor. Huge buds. The potency is decent but I wanted more. The high is long lasting and relaxing. Its a nice smoke with coffee when you don’t necessarily want to get too blasted. Get this one mainly for the flavor.

  10. Mark Harmon

    I am not much of a grower, but I am happy I chose this strain cause it practically manages itself. I am pretty impressed about how it went. The smell is exotic not offensive at all and the nugs are dark green colors which is pretty cool too. Love smoking it at night, relaxes the body superb taste and its medicinal value. Will be back for more!

  11. Isaac Taylor

    The grow on this one was amazing! This plants yield is incredible. If you’re looking to get as many grams as possible from one plant, then this is the one. Higher yield than any other strain I’ve tried. I love the overall feeling I get, and this one makes my body and mind feel good and happy. I highly recommend!

  12. Merlin Cantin

    Incredible flavor, hard and compact buds, the truth is that I am very happy with my grow both the performance and the quality. Really nice, relaxing, uplifting indica. Smooth smoke, and light compared to other indicas. I always try to grow this when i’m available. Amazing strain!

  13. Anthony Barnsley

    I heard a lot of great things about Cream Caramel so I decided to try some for myself. Let me tell you, it is definitely a top 5 strain for me! Nice durable plant with dense buds, very chunky and frosty. Really smooth smoke with no irritation on the throat. I might have to order a few more packs, this is going into my rotation.

  14. Amber Wraith

    This Cream caramel indica is such a beauty! The buds were very thick covered with resin. This beauty makes my mind and body relax everytime I took this. Also helps me a lot with my anxiety at night. I could consider this one of my favorite strain so far. Thanks sonoma seeds.

  15. Allen Duncan

    The reason why i bought this strain is because it says in the description that it taste like caramel , and indeed it taste like caramel. This strain is not the easy to cultivate but not as hard than i expected. I’m loving its effects and flavor and aroma because of its caramel tone. I just love this strain in general!

  16. Justin Hue

    Love this beautiful Cream caramel strain, very fast to grow, has a very dense buds that is coated with good resin. I trained and topped this strain and responded very well. Also produces a good yield and the taste is very sweet that makes me comes back for more. For the effects this Cream caramel is a perfect choice to use to start your day! I usually consume this in the morning because it gives me a euphoric high and also good for my mental health. This strain also is fast-acting and can last-longer than expected.

  17. John Wallace

    Cream Caramel Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a perfect choice if you are looking for a strain that guarantees good mental boost, relaxed mind, with faster effect. Tried, tested, and grew it 3 times before I could finally decide that it’s worth my review. I have high standards in terms of growing strains. So far, this strain from Sonoma Seeds exceeds my expectations. Not only that it grows as fast as 7-8 weeks (in fact, mine grew at 6!), it usually produces more or less 400 grams!

  18. James Eskridge

    Super happy that I found this one. I was always non-productive and demotivated at home and at work and I figured that I needed to do something about it. Gladly, my friends let me try this and in an instant, I felt all the positive effects. Now, I would like to try planting this in my garden for a start. I bet I need to do a new hobby. Wish me luck on my first try!

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