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Critical Mass CBD Marijuana Seeds


Are you ready to cultivate a strain with the best growing characteristics. Critical Mass strain can grow even with barely any help from you. It’s so easy that even beginner growers can do it. Plus, it can give you great yields from its large and dense buds. It’s a strain fit for recreational and medicinal growers.

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More About CBD Critical Mass

An indica dominant strain, CBD Critical Mass, was derived from the cross-breeding of Critical Mass with a clone of pure CBD strain. The strain was cultivated for the purpose of giving users an option to enjoy therapeutic capacity with less potency feeling of THC, as the strain only generates a relaxing balance of serenity. A perfect choice for users is gawking for a harmonious effect on the mind and body.

The gentleness of the strain has quite different in its ability to perform significant remedial impacts, which helps in relieving cramps and sleepness. Many therapeutic claims have been reported and continue to grow day by day. It likewise serves recreational and medical users to a more fulfilling fun with its fruity and fresh lemon flavors derived from its lineage.

Within fifty days, except to obtain an outcome of 600 grams indoor, and by early October, you may have a massive harvest reaching up to 1200 grams per plant. Incredibly very quick to grow and top quality results, apart from its characteristics that showcase a very simple and requires low demand. Definitely, a strain open for all types of growers, experienced or not.


1 review for Critical Mass CBD Marijuana Seeds

  1. Lori P.

    Cultivating this plant is pretty straightforward, which makes it a great choice for those who are just getting on board the weed-growing community. The plants reach about 120 to 150 cm high but can be trained to grow smaller for indoor cultivation. It requires regular pruning to keep the mildew and molds at bay. I needed to add extra support for the branches too to keep it from snapping since this produced heavy colas. The flowering time takes about six to eight weeks then it’s ready for harvest! You’ll know when the buds reached their peak cannabinoid concentration when the resin glands turn milky white. It has an intense fragrance of sweet honey that’s truly irresistible and upon inhalation, there are earthy and herbal notes. Flavors bursting with sweetness and earthy goodness filled my mouth with touches of citrus upon exhaling. As for the effects, it’s all I wanted and more. There’s a gently body-numbing feeling that soothes pain and tension accompanied with a bit of slightly uplifting high. Got me too lazy to do anything else after that so I recommend you take this after work or when indulging in a book or film. Awesome is an understatement! This deserves a permanent spot in my garden and in yours too!

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