Gorilla Glue x Grapefruit Regular Marijuana Seeds


Gorilla Glue x Grapefruit is another very prominent daytime strain. It can be cultivated anywhere especially outdoors as it loves the sunshine. It can grow more yields outdoors too so expect around 400 grams of usable yield per plant. When grown indoors, expect a much lower yield but still the best flavors anywhere.

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Gorilla Glue x Grapefruit Regular Marijuana Seeds

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More About Gorilla Glue x Grapefruit

Gorilla Glue x Grapefruit (Regular) is an indica dominant cannabis strain. It was created from the union of a potent Gorilla Glue and a powerful Grapefruit. It is a popular daytime cannabis strain grown by growers who want a medicinal strain.

This is a beginner strain that will love to grow anywhere. But we recommend cultivating this outdoors where it can get a lot of warmth and sunshine. Outdoors, it will flourish and make more yields. This is a regular strain and thus will need a 12-hour day or 12-hour dark schedule to bloom.

Gorilla Glue x Grapefruit is a plant with medium height and can produce up to 400 grams of yield per plant. Grow your plants incorrect soil ideal for growing cannabis. Feed it the right supplement according to your plant’s stage of development. Gorilla Glue x Grapefruit will be ready for harvest in October.

1 review for Gorilla Glue x Grapefruit Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Sadie Urtiz

    Super stick and resin filled buds! very thick and frosty, pungent when I ground them up. Sonoma’s seeds are top notch indeed, it’s my 4th time ordering from them and no problems at all! Really lovely germination rates, quick and easy to sprout. My seeds arrived in less than a week which I was not expecting! Cheers Sonoma Seeds you guys really outdid yourselves!

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