Gorilla Glue x Pellezino Marijuana Seeds


Gorilla Glue x Pellezino is a strain with magnificent flavors. It is a delicious strain with ripe fruit and citrusy flavors plus sour and diesel undertones due to its Gorilla Glue lineage. This balanced strain has classic euphoric effects. When grown, expect better results outdoors as this plant loves the sunlight.

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Gorilla Glue x Pellezino Marijuana Seeds

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More About Gorilla Glue x Pellezino

The Perfect Strain to Share With Friends

Gorilla Glue x Pellezino offers a great flavor for those who are seeking for delicious tasting cannabis to smoke. Pellezino has a ripe tropical fruit flavor with an orange citrus aroma, while Gorilla Glue holds a more sour taste with diesel undertones. The perfect blend of fruity and classic hash flavor makes for an interesting take on cannabis.

An evenly balanced strain that initiates a classic euphoric feeling, this strain is very pleasant to smoke. It brings the calm vibe that cannabis is known for. An ideal weed to smoke together with friends or if you want to disconnect with the world, this is hybrid marijuana that serves both flavor and effects like a tropical fruit shake.

This strain is best grown outdoors, where it can receive ample amounts of sunlight. With only 75 days for the plant to flower, it is only a matter of time before you can start harvesting this hybrid strain and fully enjoy the benefits of your hard work.


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