Harlequin x Bubba Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds


Harlequin x Bubba Kush is a therapeutic strain with very high CBD content at 10%. You’ll be amazed of its euphoric and therapeutic effects as it can deal with chronic pains, anxiety, stress and migraines. You can expect great yields, faster flowering and easy growth whether you cultivate this indoors or outdoors.

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5 Seeds $40.00
10 Seeds $70.00
25 Seeds $140.00

Harlequin x Bubba Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds

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More About Harlequin x Bubba Kush

With the pairing of the CBD rich Harlequin and highly potent Bubba Kush, it comes in a strain that reaps the therapeutic potentials of the two lineages it originated. Despite being less sought after by recreational users due to its low THC level of about 7%, the insanely medicinal effects it can provide and make the strain insanely interesting among medical marijuana users. It has a soaring 10% of CBD levels. Its natural gentle psychoactive influence promotes euphoric effects on the mind and leaves a satisfying impression, which renders a quite appealing interest among newbies.

Aside from the amenity of obtaining the seeds, the strain is very simple and easy to manage when cultivating. Provided by its genetic makeup, it sways more on the indica aspect and has a short blooming duration that only takes an estimated sixty days. Similarly, it generates a considerably large quantity of bud production. It could reach up to 600 grams, both indoor and outdoor growing areas, and could potentially boost harvest when using hydroponic setup.

1 review for Harlequin x Bubba Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Paolo

    Amazing weed! Harlequin x Bubba Kush surprisingly gave me great yield with fast flowering buds knowing that it is a regular type. With high CBD content, it’s a perfect analgesic whenever I feel chronic back pain from a whole day of strenuous activity at work giving me an indeed therapeutic experience. Recommending this to people who have everyday physical engagements at work or even at home perfect relaxant strain!

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