Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular Marijuana Seeds


Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular is a soothing and relaxing strain that brings therapeutic relief to pain, depression and stress. It will bloom fast in just 65 days and will produce only 700 grams of yield. You’ll love its scented buds with sweet, fruity, lavender and herbal tones perfect to relax and calm you down.

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5 Seeds $40.00
10 Seeds $70.00
25 Seeds $140.00

Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular Marijuana Seeds

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More About Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular

Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular is a strain originally came from three distinct strains, each rendered to the overall characteristics of the strain. With the mixture of a soothing and relaxing body high from the lineages of God, Hawaii and Purple Skunk strain, this hybrid plant, deals with the desires not limited to recreational users, but similarly to medical consumers as well.

The seed, when grown, potentially develops intricate terpenoids which not only cater to the overall flavors and aroma but essentially extend its medicinal advantages, along with the CBD compound, putting forward its therapeutic effect on the top. It brings relief on several body issues, depressive symptoms, and other psychological associated conditions.

When cultivating, the seeds only impose a germination period of at least one to two days. Within 65 days of the flowering period, anticipate a minimum of 600 to 700 grams of the harvest that are loaded with refreshing fruity sweetness, herbal, and lavender tones, both indoor and outdoor locations. The strain’s growing capacity is proven to be suitable and boosted when under hydroponic setup.

2 reviews for Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar

    Holt W.

    This girl thrives in a sunny setting, which is why I placed it in a location with plenty of sunlight! It has distinct buds with a large number of gorgeous pistils. If additional trimming is necessary, must do so early in the flowering period. It takes only 9 weeks to flower and yields about 750g per plant. Its therapeutic effects anticipates a heavy, full-body relaxation, which aids me in getting a good night’s rest, making it the best sleep treatment. It appeals to me greatly!

  2. Avatar

    Miguel Alonzo

    It’s criminal to think that this strain doesn’t get enough attention. This is a very mellow strain that pretty much works like classic indica. I felt really stoned out and calm after giving this one a go! Very easy on the head, doesn’t crash my body but puts me right to sleep slowly! Tasted very fancy because of the incense type of profile. It also had an appealing fragrance of sweetness and citrus! Grow was manageable. It isn’t exactly demanding but ya gotta watch out for molds. Keep the growing area dry and you should be fine! Buds were fire, got ridiculous yields of this! Definitely worth my money

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