Humboldt Feminized

Humboldt Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Humboldt cannabis strain is a hybrid with amazing growing qualities. It’s a strain you can grow indoors or outdoors and can be cultivated in almost all climates. It needs a lot of sunshine, good soil and the right nutrients so it can produce good quality buds. You’ll love its potent effects and pleasant flavors that will get you hooked.

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More About Humboldt

Humbolt (fem) is a balanced India-sativa hybrid cannabis strain. This was made from the combination of a potent Humbolt and a classic Afghan Kush strain. It is a feminized strain, and this means you will only grow female plants, no males that can accidentally pollinate your female plants.

Humbolt is not an easy strain to grow, and this is mostly due to its small size but towering yields. This must be supported and cared for by an expert hand, and it needs a sunny or a temperate climate to thrive. You must grow a Humbolt strain indoors or inside a greenhouse to monitor its growth. It will flower in 6 to 8 weeks and will grow only 100 cm high.

When this is grown with its many yields in mind, you can get as much as 500 to 550 grams of yields per plant. Harvest time is in October.

2 reviews for Humboldt Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Tony Dalton

    Nice and cool smoke. Its got a deep burn that’ll give you a thick fog of lemon and spiciness. Smoked a joint and had me a night! Didn’t really give me a sleepy vibe but it was still a mega relaxer, that’s for sure! Used an HID system for these seeds, didn’t really think an LED would cut it. Was well rewarded with the buds! Grew double the size of other kinds I’ve had before! I think this’ll be a hit with beginners too. Nice strain with great flavors and effects!

  2. R. Richie

    This weed has the craziest high I’ve experienced. Honestly, Cultivating one was nice and easy, presents very chunky flowers with uneven buds that has all kinds of shapes from spades to spherical. It just needs a lot of sunshine, nutrients and can be grown inside or outside. The aroma heavily reminds you of burnt wood, added with a citrus zest while the taste has that is a combination of smoke and lemon. Due to its sedative nature and the pulses of positive vibes, it is really recommend for people suffer from PTSD and depression, while the numbing high provides pain relief.

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