Jelly Bean Regular Marijuana Seeds

Jelly Bean Regular Marijuana Seeds


Jelly Bean is a potent, flavorful strain bursting with amazing flavors. It’s a recreational strain, ready to give you potent effects. It’s also a therapeutic strain that can help relieve pain, anxiety, stress and depression. You’ll love Jelly Bean’s amazing flavors, something that you’ll love to try over and over again.

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More About Jelly Bean Regular

The notion of pairing Orange Velvet strain with the enticing genetics of Space Queen strain resulted in this strain that has an almost balance split of indica and sativa varieties. It shows off its elevated THC level of 18% with the potential capacity to release an abrupt effect on the head and melts away any signs of stress, displacing it with a natural uplifting impression.

The regular seeds are well suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation with easy to grow characteristics and high susceptibility to mildew and molds. Naturally, it is a compact plant that thrives well in a favorable climate, preferably warm or dry regardless of the growing location.

Provided it is a regular seed, and it is anticipated to thrive and develop into its maximum performance, hence should be an excellent choice for distinguished home cultivators. Expect its highest quality of yield of around 650 grams by the verge of eight to nine weeks flowering or around the end of the month of September.

4 reviews for Jelly Bean Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. G. Real

    So far, this is my new favorite citrusy, potent strain! With the assistance of the SOG setting, crops flourished inside. They’re pretty simple to work with because they’re mold-resistant. This plant produces a lot of thick buds. In just eight weeks, the robust tiny marijuana plant developed burgundy-colored flowers. This plant blooms quickly and has a wonderful fruity fragrance. Citrus fruits remain in my tongue for a long time, leaving a soft feel. My panic attacks were defeated by a head high that filled my mind with positive thoughts. A body buzz helps calm all stresses and back pain as the high wears off. I can’t even wait to purchase more next time I buy. This is a delicious strain that you should try!

  2. G. Hodgin

    This was my first time purchasing Sonoma seeds online, and I was very pleased with the excellent service and speedy delivery. It grew in my small back garden, is resilient to pesticides, and has a hefty yield of nearly 680 grams! A fast-flowering crop with delectable fruity scents. Citrus fruits remain in my mouth, leaving a soft aftertaste. My anxiety attacks have been defeated by a head high that showers me with joy.A body buzz will loosen up all conflicts and discomfort as the high wears off. I honestly can’t wait to purchase more next weekend, my money is not being wasted here!

  3. Ellen Leavitt

    Jelly Bean Seeds are really good also its yielding features! This a good strain to grow indoor although its sensitive to molds you just have to make sure that this strain doesn’t attached to any of those mildew for a better yields. Superb buds too. On some of my rough days, this Jelly bean gives me a lift and makes me feel wonderful and motivated. I’ve been feeling a bit sleepless recently, so I began smoking it before I went to bed. Now I sleep peacefully. Amazing sweet fruity and candy flavor taste and scent that is very noticable on the first hits!

  4. Granville Brunault

    I would like to for my part thanks to your exceptional product we’ve seen incredible results already. I was amazed at the quality of Jelly Bean strain. It is Amazing experience I am really satisfied of this strain, very easy to grow and it was a very good and tasty strain so i love it awesome to smoke!

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