Lavender Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Lavender is an indica – leaning hybrid feminized strain with high THC content. It’s not an easy strain to cultivate because of its extreme height; something unusual with an indica strain. It comes with high THC levels at 24% with buds having sweet, flowery and spicy flavors thanks to its prominent lineage.

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Lavender Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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More About Lavender (Fem)

Lavender (fem) is an indica dominant hybrid feminized cannabis strain that comes with high yields and top-notch THC content. This strain is the product of a four-way cross of awesome strains: a stunning Super Skunk, a legendary Afghani, a fruity Hawaiian, and a classic South Asian indica strain.

Lavender is a feminized strain, and thus, you will grow only female plants. This is not an easy strain to grow basically because of its towering height. Despite being mostly indica, this plant can reach 280 cm. It needs careful monitoring to control its height.

It needs a warm, sunny, or temperate climate and must be grown outdoors or inside a greenhouse. Your plants will flower in 8 to 10 weeks with buds having 24% THC and only 0.6% CBD. This tall plant can give you up to 400 grams of yield. Harvest time for a Lavender is in October with buds having spicy, sweet, and flowery flavors.

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    B. Ringo

    Calm and stress free, this is you as you get that intense high on Lavender. But first, you gotta grow this. Fret not, after using the Sea of Green technique (most suggested,produces very good results) you’re gonna feel like a pro, since this is pretty easy to grow. With its hardy nature and versatility, it can withstand a range of humidity and temperatures. The floral scent and flavor should be expecting, with and underlying hash with a bit of spice in it. Highly recommenced to suppress chronic headaches, insomnia and to keep anxiety away.

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