Lemon Pie Regular Marijuana Seeds


Lemon Pie is a very popular, tasty cannabis strain that offers an invigorating and heady high. It’s the best for beginners because it’s easy to cultivate indoors or out. It has 22% THC content ideal for recreational users. It’s also a prominent therapeutic strain capable of removing chronic pain, anxiety and stress.

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Lemon Pie Regular Marijuana Seeds

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More About Lemon Pie Regular

The most popular and remarkable strains in the entire cannabis market, namely, the Skunk #1 strain and Amnesia Haze strain, has bestowed upon us the most prominent Lemon Pie Regular. Dominantly comprised of sativa variety, this strain is known to provide an invigorating and potent head high with sharp psychoactive impact.

This is not suitable though for newbies to experiment due to its soaring level of THC rated to reach up to 22%. Not only recommended for recreational activities, but it is also similarly acquired and cultivated for its medicinal properties, which diminish the pain and stimulate appetite for a more healthy lifestyle experience.

However, it is open for cultivation among beginner growers due to its easy to grow characteristics. With minimal supervision and maintenance, it can generate a favorable harvest within at least 65 days of flowering time. Estimated 500 grams indoor and 750 grams outdoor, loaded with rich terpenoids that radiate a bittersweet combination and aromatic fragrance, the strain will definitely provide a delightful and enticing yield among growers.

1 review for Lemon Pie Regular Marijuana Seeds

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    Paul Guilmette

    I grew Lemon Pie outdoors and had a huge success very easy to grow and a very short harvest time. Growing Lemon Pie was a amazing experience definitely going to grow this strain again. Great seeds, I highly recommend this strain to new growers.

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