Lemon Sherbert Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Lemon Sherbet Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Lemon Sherbet Fem is an Indica-Dominant strain that combines two potent strains, 2 Scoops and Lemon Tree. It’s a standard size plant with thick buds that gives off a heavy citrus fragrance and a flavor to match. This plant might turn an intense purple color near the end of the flowering stage, particularly when temperatures drop significantly during dark hours.

THC levels in Lemon Sherbet are typically between 17 and 25 %, although CBD levels generally are well below one percent. It’s a hybrid strain, which means it has the potential to give users both indica and sativa results. New users would be overwhelmed by this drug’s efficacy, which affects both mind and body. It will help you stay focused and in a good mood for hours. As the euphoria from the cerebral high grows.

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More About Lemon Sherbet Feminized Strain

Type: Indica-dominant (20% Sativa: 80% Indica)
Genetics Parents: 2 Scoops, and Lemon Tree
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Warm/ Mediterranean/ Tropical
Yield: (Indoors) 500g/m2 / (Outdoors) 600g/plant
Flavors: Citrus, Sweet, and Bubblegum
THC Level: 17%-25%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: 76 to 203 cm
Harvest Period: Late-September to Early October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Lemon Sherbet Feminized?

Lemon Sherbet usually provides users with a predictable high accompanied by a soothing comedown, as one would expect from a 50/50 pressure. After a few hits, most people would feel on top of the planet, with exhilaration and a happy-go-lucky spirit filling them from head – to – toe. Along with this contentment comes a deep sense of hunger that most people can’t ignore, so if you’re not near a kitchen, try packing snacks ahead of time. Most people find that their high becomes physical after a while, with an increasing tingle that aids relaxation and, in some cases, total sedation.

This Indica-dominant hybrid’s fragrance maintains berries and smoother lemon’s exquisite aroma, with added petrol notes. Lemon Sherbet is a complex, citrus Muggle candy with carbonated sweets powder, lemon, and gassy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Lemon Sherbet Feminized?

Lemon Sherbet Fem’s flowers will greatly help medical marijuana patients suffering from health issues such as chronic pain and a lack of appetite. On the other hand, the pressure shines when it comes to relieving depression and tension in people who tend to overthink and worry, helping them enjoy the high without feeling weighted down. The buds also give users mental insight, increased concentration, and a sense of relaxation, which is helpful to those with ADHD or ADD.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Lemon Sherbet Feminized

Lemon Sherbet Fem is said to trigger dry eyes and cottonmouth in many users. By keeping the dose low and remaining hydrated, these arid discomforts can be minimized or avoided. By eating the bud in moderation, you can also prevent more troubling side effects like lightheadedness, headaches, and increased anxiety.

How to Grow Lemon Sherbet Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

It’s a simple-to-grow weed that grows to a height of 76 to 203 cm. Depending on your goals, you can grow it in soil or hydroponics. Terpene production is improved when a high-quality soil mix rich in organic and mineral components is used, resulting in a richer and more nuanced aroma and taste. It is the direction to take if you’re a terp hunter or concentrate builder. A hydroponic method, on the other hand, allows for easier nutrient control. Many cannabis growers use the hydro system to increase yields and speed up the growth of their plants.


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