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Maxigom Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Maxigom autoflower is a strain that’s also called a super autoflower. It is so-called because this plant is capable of producing good yields despite its height. It is best for recreational and medicinal growers and for those who like a fast growing plant with good yields, this may be the strain for you.

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More About Maxigom Autoflower 

This is a unique strain that is recommended for users who prefer a little psychedelic high. This is an Indica Strain that is considered to be one of the oldest so-called Super Autoflower strains. This autoflower was created over ten years ago, and it was proudly created by the GrassOmatic seed company by combining the authentic Auto AK strain with Auto Mass strains and resulted in a perfect combination of Sativa and Indica.

This is one of those plants that has package characteristics. It has an abundant yield, and it tastes really good with a very good smell that you will just keep longing. The effect is usually long-lasting; that’s why it is also recommended for medical use because of its healing properties. You will be overwhelmed that this strain is an autoflower and not a photosensitive plant.

This plant’s genetics is stable; that’s why breeders expect its growth every time they plant it, and since it is very easy to grow. It can give you a very good yield, both indoor and outdoor. The plant itself will have very dense buds, and it is expected to have a tall height, especially when you completed its period of growth.

1 review for Maxigom Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Benny Klaus

    The Maxigom Autoflower is the the full package! I had no problems in growing it and I am amazed at how short its growing period is but produced the most bountiful harvest. This for me is an surely an ideal weed to grow. Thanks, Sonoma Seeds!

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