Mint Melon Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Mint Melon Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Mint Melon is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is created by crossing two classic but fairly reliable strains, namely, Animal Mints and French Toast. With autoflowering growing type, this modification of the Mint Melon strain will no longer need a lighting schedule for it to flourish. With the pleasant blend of some mints and melon, the flavor and aroma of Mint Melon is the perfect starter to a well-relaxed experience. Mint Melon boasts a balance of a cerebral and physical high, but the effects on the body mainly overpower the mental stimulation it presents, making it an effective strain that is to be ideally used in the evening due to its tranquilizing effects. For this reason, it can be a good tool for alleviating and relieving symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, migraine, body aches, and even mood disorders as it has been also proved to induce a state of euphoria in its users. It is just important to be wary of overconsuming Mint Melon as it may pose some adverse effects like panic attacks and the likes, apart from the usual cottonmouth and dry eyes.

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More About Mint Melon Autoflowering Strain

Type: Indica-dominant (70%) / Sativa (30%)
Genetic Parents: Animal Mints x French Toast
Flowering Period: 8 weeks to 10 weeks
Climate: Warm and sunny climate
Yield: Medium
Flavors: Mint, earth, melon, fruit
THC Level: 16%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of Mint Melon Autoflower?

The overall flavor and aroma of Mint Melon can be described to be a blend of mint and melon fruit. Mint Melon has an aroma of spicy herbs specifically mint that is infused with notes of earth that eventually translates into a pungent scent especially when it’s combusted. The flavors, on the other hand, are slightly toned down with its subtle herbal flavor, plus the sweet and fruity taste of melon.

Users can expect a long-lasting and relatively strong but definitely manageable buzz with its 16% THC level. Being predominantly indica, Mint Melon offers mainly physical high, as it brings about a full-bodied relaxation to its users. During the onset of its buzz, it uplifts the mood and a sudden feeling of happiness. But as it settles, that relaxing feeling overwhelms the body and induces a light sedative state, however, it does not reach a point of becoming sleepy. The stone Mint Melon provides is just the perfect buzz to restart the self from a very stressful body and mind.

What are the Medical Benefits of Mint Melon Autoflower?

The average THC level and optimum CBD content of Mint Melon contribute to its majestic medical benefits. Being an indica strain, it has anti-inflammatory properties that are best utilized for those suffering from chronic pain, body aches, and muscle spasms, as its relaxing sensations calm the nerves and muscles. Apart from that, Mint Melon also induces an increase in serotonin production – hormones assigned to give off calming neurons – hence, of great assistance to those struggling with mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. Taking in Mint Melon for the day will surely relieve your stress.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Mint Melon Autoflower

You might think that Mint Melon would not have any adverse effects since it is only averagely potent, but I kid you not, it does have some. Although nothing serious, Mint Melon results in drying of the eyes and cottonmouth. These symptoms happen because of dehydration caused by the cannabinoids in cannabis. It can be mitigated through frequently drinking water before, during, and after taking in the marijuana.

How to Grow Mint Melon Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Mint Melo can grow in hot and sunny environments, it does not prosper in climates with lots of rain, highly humid, and inadequate sun exposure. Furthermore, it is not strongly resistant to pests, molds, and mildew, so it would be quite a challenge for novice growers to cultivate. When grown indoors, its yield is concentrated on the main stem and produces quite a bounty of the harvest. It is important to consistently trim the branches of this indica plant as it tends to grow laterally which tends to unequally distribute the nutrients to the plant. Applying the Sea of Green (SOG) may also assist in the growth potential of Mint Melon.

1 review for Mint Melon Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Wilkey

    Whoa, fruity delights!! mint and melon flavor. I suuuper loved it…I clear my schedule on weekends. I choose to stay at home and bake cookies. Relax on the couch with a whiff of this. it can also comfort me with my migraines. sooo thankful! ooops, don’t overdo it because it could trigger panic attacks. Can cause dehydration, which can be handled by drinking lots of water and using eye drops. Flowers for only about 71 days in my lawn. It’s time to harvest! yields are amazing, with icy green buds. I’ve already decided to grow this marijuana again. Thank y’all.

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