Northern Lights x c99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Northern Lights x C99 is an indica feminized cannabis strain with very high THC at 22% and will grow easy and therefore it’s a beginner strain to cultivate. You can cultivate this strain anywhere but it prefers an indoor growing area to monitor it closely. You can get great yields of up to 500 grams per plant.

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Northern Lights x c99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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More About Northern Lights x c99 (fem)

Northern Lights x c99 (fem) is an indica-dominant hybrid feminized cannabis strain that has high THC levels and faster flowering times. This hybrid was made from combining two very powerful strains: a legendary Northern Lights and a potent C99 strain. Northern Lights x c99 is a feminized strain, and therefore, seeds of this plant grow only female plants.

Northern Lights x c99 is a very easy strain to grow, and hence this is recommended for beginners. This feminized strain prefers the sunny Mediterranean or temperate Continental climate to thrive and grow. Also, it prefers an indoor or greenhouse growing environment as long as you provide its different growing needs.

Northern Lights x c99 will flower in just eight weeks. It is a small plant growing to only 40 to 100 cm. The buds are small but tight, capable of 22% THC, and 0.6% CBD. This strain can produce up to 500 grams of yield per plant.

2 reviews for Northern Lights x c99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    Phelan A.

    I’m speechless! Since I consume, I’m hooked to her fruity pine scent and tropical piney flavor. I typically take it with mates on dull moments to brighten up the day and be astonished by her potential effect. I enjoyed the energetic buzz while also relaxing the body. It’s an simple strain for me, so I put it in a spot where it would receive sufficient sunlight. It produced around 550g per plant. Thank you Sonoma, for providing such high-quality seeds!

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    This crop is excellent for reducing the tension caused by chronic muscle spasms. When I first tried this strain, it felt like I was being wrapped in a warm embrace by my mother. LOL! Since hunger strikes instantly, I like to have tasty food and drinks on hand. The vibration will lull me into a restful night’s sleep and leave you feeling energized and well-rested the next day. It will last for a while before dissipating. This strain appealed to me because it was easy and basic to develop. Her yields are outstanding, and she flowered in just eight weeks. With a fruity tropical fragrance and a woody pine taste, this weed is fun and pleasurable.

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