Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Northern Lights x Cream Autoflwer is a combination of two sweet and earthy strains that will give you a psychedelic high. It flowers fast because of its automatic lineage and grows short therefore it’s a good strain to use for stealth growing. It does not need a lighting schedule like photoperiod strains.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00

Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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More About Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower

Creamy Goodness

A strain that has a historical background, the Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower offers its users devastating abilities that will only do good to its users. It has a nice combination of sweet and earthy flavors that will induce users a psychedelic high that often translates into a productive day ahead. Northern light alone is a legendary strain in its own right, and having it paired with Cream auto-flower made it all the more ridiculously good!

The Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower will be a strain to look out for in the future as it has quite the potential to be one of the greatest strains ever made. Plus, cutting the flowering time made it only satisfying for your yields when their flower blooms.

Overall, the strain really has it upside from its enormous potential, to smoker’s dream, to medicinal use, this strain will keep you coming for more!


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