Northern Lights x Diesel Marijuana Seeds


Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflower is a legendary strain made from two very potent strains. It is an indica-leaning strain and thus it has relaxing and calming effects. It blooms fast in just 7 to 9 weeks and grows to a small plant thanks to its autoflowering characteristics. It has average THC making it an ideal recreational or medicinal strain.

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Northern Lights x Diesel Marijuana Seeds

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More About Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflower

Twice the Spice!

When you combine two legendary strain, this will only result in a great one! And boy the Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflower doesn’t disappoint! This Indica dominant strain will lift your head to the highest with its cerebral capabilities that often provokes laughter and mood. With its long lists of proven benefits, this strain will only get better as time goes on.

Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflower’s desirable planting traits made it possible for beginners to cultivate this plant as long as it is grown outdoors as it really loves a daily dose of sunlight. The yields are very rewarding, and you will surely reap the rewards! The strain is perfect for users who don’t have the appetite to eat and for people who want to take a step back from a day’s work.

Lastly, the Northern Lights x Diesel Autoflower is truly a great combination that we should thank the Cannabis Gods for creating one!


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