Orka (Tipo Moby) Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Orka (Tipo Moby) is a Sativa-dominant automatic strain. This strain is known for its very strong potent qualities. It has an average THC of just 13 to 17% and this is why it’s the best choice for recreational or medicinal uses. This strain will grow without much effort and thus it’s best as a beginner strain as well.

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Orka (Tipo Moby) Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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More About Orka (Tipo Moby) Autoflower 

The Orka (Tipo Moby) Autoflower is a kind of a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that comes with strong and potent effects. Moby Dick was the one who successfully created this strain, as well as the ruderalis strain. It ranked second place for the Best Autoflowering Strain in Chile’s Copa y Festival Latinoamericannabis in 2017.

This is an automatic strain with at least 75 days of waiting before it can be harvested. It has a medium level of THC for about 13-17%, that’s why it is great for medicinal and recreational use for a long time and first-time users while indulging the scents of wood, incense, and sweet notes.

This is just perfect, whether you are a medical marijuana patient, expert grows master, or even a beginner, for these seeds will grow into plants that usually begin it flowering on their own and finish after 80 days, regardless of the kind of light used. This is just a good one for those who are new to growing weeds as they can get a high-quality cannabis strain without giving too much effort.


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