Papas Candy Regular Marijuana Seeds


Papas Candy is a strain with amazing resin content. It has festive colors with sugar-coated buds and sugar leaves. It is also a short plant growing at just 60 cm when mature. It will yield around 500 grams per plant if you use strong HPS lighting and subject your plants to early training.

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10 Seeds $70.00
25 Seeds $140.00

Papas Candy Regular Marijuana Seeds

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More About Papas Candy

Papas Candy (regular) is a regular cannabis strain that’s known for its unbelievable resin production. It comes with the typical Christmas tree appearance, but it’s wider and shorter but nonetheless festive with the colorful buds and sugar leaves. The buds are compact and ready to give you good yields.

This strain is a combination of a legendary Laos strain and a powerful Pakistan strain. Papas Candy needs a warm and sunny environment to grow. It can thrive in-ground soil or in hydro.  When grown indoors, it needs strong sodium lighting, but it can’t grow taller than 80 cm. You can get as much as 60 grams of yield per square meter of growing space.

Outdoors, you can get a taller plant at 2 meters high and will give you yields of 500 grams of yield per plant. Your outdoor plants will be ready for harvest in October.


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