Purple Haze 450

Purple Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


Purple Haze Autoflower is a legendary strain with amazing recreational and therapeutic effects. It is a blessing for both grower and user thanks to its easy growing, high yielding, fast flowering and good quality buds. It will make you focus, work on different tasks and give you a long-lasting high perfect as a daytime strain.

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More About Purple Haze Autoflower

Mind-blowingly good!

Purple Haze strain is one of the legendary strains we can ever come across in this day and age, and the Purple Haze autoflower is no different when it comes to its mind-blowing effects and abilities. The strain is almost a dream come true for both growers and smokers as it exemplifies the best of both worlds, the potency the THC brings and its beautiful growing patterns.

The effects of this train will blow the roofs off! From a pure euphoria that often results in a dashing way of being creative and productive throughout the day. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a strain that will give you focus, energizing effects, and a high that will put you to the heavens, the Purple Haze Auto-flower is a perfect choice.

The Purple Haze Auto-flower thrives in all types of cultivation and blooms around the 75th day. Yields are bountiful, and you’ll feel the happiness within in just a short amount of time!


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