White Widow x California Snow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds


White Widow x California Snow strain is a very popular recreational and medicinal strain. It is used to breed new plants due to its very potent and stable genetics. This strain has a sweet citrusy flavor with short flowering time. It has great therapeutic qualities as it can relieve pain, migraines, muscle pains, stress, anxiety, and depression.

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White Widow x California Snow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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More About White Widow x California Snow Autoflower

A True Medical Queen!

While the White Widow strain remains to be one of the popular strains to ever gaze in the Cannabis world for its almighty healing properties and potency, it was bred with the California snow and a ruderalis strain to be fully upgraded into a whole new level! California snow’s sweet citrus and fruity aromas and flavors were easily incorporated into the White widows’ attributes, and at the same time, ruderalis’ genes were also incorporated at the same time.

This resulted in a strain that has powerful effects, sweet citrus flavors, and a short flowering period, making it a sought-after strain for quite some time now. Thanks to its White Widow healing abilities, this became a staple plant for growers looking for plants that have high medical values that can treat conditions such as fibromyalgia, stress, arthritis, and a whole lot more.

When looking for medical strains that also packs potency, the White Widow x California Snow Auto-flower is a no-brainer!


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