White Widow x Crystal Meth Marijuana Seeds


White Widow x Crystal Meth Autoflower is a very potent autoflowering strain capable of flowering early in just 7 to 9 weeks. It will flower without special lighting schedules compared to photoperiod strains. It is also smaller than regular strains making it perfect for growing indoors or inside a stealth growing area.

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White Widow x Crystal Meth Marijuana Seeds

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More About White Widow x Crystal Meth Autoflower

Twice the Spice!

Often described as a “deadly combination,” the White Widow x Crystal Meth Auto’s parents are very known potent strains with staggering amounts of THC level. Combining these two made it all more potent enough that it is often recommended for party goers or just plainly doing a gig. It allows the body to feel different kinds of uplifting sensation such as cerebral euphoria, and a vibe that will surely suit your night and day.

A tingling sensation is often felt from the very first toke and delivers users some of the best head and body high that results in more energy over the duration. As for medical usage, it has a great way of relaxing the muscles and calming the mind that will surely have you in a blissful sleep in no time. Growing this strain doesn’t require much as it is plainly resistant to modern cannabis diseases and only needs a dose of sunlight and proper airflow.


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