how to make a new marijuana strain

How to Make a New Marijuana Strain

Have you ever thought of how to make a new marijuana strain? Whether you are a cannabis grower, a recreational or medicinal smoker, or both, there are a lot of marijuana strains in the market today to select from. With a lot of hybrids and wonderful characteristics, it is indeed

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cannabis oil vs cbd oil

Cannabis Oil VS CBD Oil

What is the distinction between Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil? You may exchange or state these two are only one since you may get baffled by the words “cannabis” and “CBD.” At first, you may truly question what the real distinctions of the two were when you had the basic

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cbd oil and glaucoma

CBD Oil and Glaucoma: Is it Effective?

A change, an updated change, ruling out the real context will be achieved once you find out if CBD Oil can really ease Glaucoma. Over some time, it was said it is, proven medically, but there’s a change of situation. Thus, you can never always conclude on things, especially in

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What is CBDA and its Benefits

CBDA or Cannabidiolic Acid There are numerous cannabinoids that you can found in the cannabis plant, and this Cannabidiolic Acid or widely known as the CBDA, is one of them. In the year 1996, this was the time when the CBDA was known when the scientist confines some of the

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what are the best autoflower strains

Top 10 Best Autoflower Strains

When we discussed what the top best autoflower strains are, exclusively, we are looking at all autoflowering cannabis as you will find the best among the rest. You may have the tendency to be biased as your likeliness will be based on finding what is best, or the perspectives from

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cannabis cbd vs hemp cbd

Cannabis CBD VS Hemp CBD: A Comparison

A comparison between the “Cannabis CBD” and “Hemp CBD” would not easily drive your thoughts in a conclusion of what is the real difference between these two if you have little knowledge of the terminologies. The hint of ignorance will raise confusion that hardly draws the best concluding statements of

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Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

When you’ve been seeking a doctor’s prescription for medicinal weed, you’ve also been curious about the distinction between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Since even more jurisdictions are allowing the usage of medicinal cannabis, there was not a great chance to find out even more about the real deal. Cannabis,

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How to Clone Feminized Marijuana Plants

How to Clone Feminized Marijuana Plants?

Though this sounds strange, the genetic modification of a marijuana plant is an entirely straightforward procedure. You really need to learn how to do it. We have put along with some kind of reference to the basics. If you’re acquainted with cultivation, hemp, or something else, you’ve also read of

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when to harvest autoflower

When to Harvest Autoflower Cannabis Plants?

The number of weeks it takes, for an autoflowering marijuana plant to grow ranges from three to six weeks, depending on its type, genetics, and growing patterns. If you’re a first-time autoflowering grower, you have a lot of questions in mind considering that this is still the stage of testing

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