Does Indica Help Relieve Headaches: Discover Indica Strain’s Medicinal Efficacy

Cannabis Indica has actually many medical benefits especially when it comes to aiding sleeping disorder. But, how does indica help headaches? If this somewhat makes you curious or are always experiencing headaches or migraines, then read on and discover more about cannabis indica strain’s medicinal efficacy.

There are more than one thousand cannabis strains that have been bred throughout the years that is why it is important for people who need medical attention to know the different available efficacy types for them when it comes to cannabis medicine. Other cannabis varieties are most suitable for specific illnesses and some are not. Selecting the ideal cannabis strain is important to make sure that you get the right treatment possible.

Cannabis is actually a species of flowering plants that are categorized into three subspecies: cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, and cannabis ruderalis. Both Indica and Sativa remain the two primary cannabis strains because Ruderalis plants produce small medicinal properties and not having too much potency in it, which is the reason why patients do not usually use this. These two major cannabis strains have different physiological effects on users.

The most significant distinction between indica and sativa is their medical results and how they can affect levels of productivity and energy. While cannabis sativa enhances productivity and creativity, cannabis indica, on the other hand, provides relaxation and helps aid sleeping disorder. In other words, sativa gives a high effect on the mind, while indica gives a high effect on the body. So, is it really possible for cannabis indica to cure headaches? Let’s find out.

Medical Efficacy of Cannabis Indica Strains

Cannabis indica strains have a more varied combination of CBD and THC. It has average TCH levels and much higher CBD levels. This is the reason why cannabis indica produces more sedative and relaxing properties. It is likely to give a more intense effect making it ideal for night use as it can cause drowsiness.

Indica has shown to treat serious illness, give soothing relief, and can even aid fight cancer. Headache is unlikely to be regarded as life-threatening, but some strains of the cannabis indica display to be an effective remedy for headaches and even for migraines.

The research field for medicinal usage of cannabis is still quite new. Although, with new laws surrounding the usage of cannabis for medical purposes, there is strong evidence of progress in medicinal cannabis studies and its effect, involving how it could treat headaches and migraines.

The Congress of the European Academy of Neurology published a study in 2017, where Italian researchers made a situation in which they used medicinal cannabis to cure and stop migraines.

A group of forty-eight people with severe migraines have been examined. The researchers operated mixed CBD and THC solutions and found out that a 200mg oral dose can lessen the pain of severe migraine down to fifty-five percent. Generally, patients declared a forty-percent alleviation of their monthly migraine attacks, and about forty-three percent alleviation in pain intensity. Many patients have reported other good effects also like reduction in stomach aches and muscle pain in addition to the migraine frequency drop.

Different Strains for Treating Headaches

Cannabis affects people in different ways, some might have a distinct cannabis product that is suitable for their needs. Cannabis users should know also that two different strains can be combined to develop a hybrid. One of the most common hybrids is indica-sativa mixes, but medical cannabis breeders also combine indicas with other types of indicas to increase the medical effectiveness of it.

Many hybrid strains are very effective when it comes to aiding pain and fighting inflammation while keeping the patient awake in the midday. There are patients who choose sativa-dominant hybrid to aid their pain and nausea while being active at mid-day, then, later on, switch to an indica-dominant hybrid in the evening to increase pain relief and at the same time help them sleep easily.

There are the different hybrid cannabis strains mostly with more indica traits that can effectively treat occasional headaches and even severe migraines. Here are some of them…

  • Northern Lights

One of the causes of headache or migraine is exhaustion after a very long day. If you are looking for a strain that will help alleviate pain and quickly fall asleep, then Northern Lights is the quick solution for it.

There are many medical cannabis users who choose to grow their very own cannabis plants for them to have regular medical supplies especially if they are always experiencing head pains. One of their choices of strain is the Northern Lights due to its mold and illness resistant properties. Plus, they are not difficult to grow. Northern Lights if 100 percent Indica.

  • Blue Cheese

It is one of the cannabis users most favorites due to its way of treating headaches. Blue Cheese relieves your pain without losing focus, plus it also gives a soothing effect without decreasing your body’s energy.

The Blue Cheese has meditative properties that make consumers feel relax when they smell and smoke the buds. This strain also can grow quickly, plus its big and abundant buds produce high medicine potency ideal for consumers who need instant relief from body pains such as headache. Blue Cheese is 100 percent Indica.

  • Purple Indica

This type of indica strain is a bit hard to grow as it needs an expanded vegetative area and extra pruning approach. Despite these, it pays off to grow this strain because it is very useful in relieving pain. People who suffered from headaches and migraines that have used Purple Indica recommended this type of indica strain for its narcotic-like results indicative of a real purple.

Headache and migraine medication can be a bit risky since our head is one of the sensitive parts of our body. Choosing the right and strongest cannabis medical strains are likely to give a calming effect to your body. Generally, there is a reduction in mental energy when you relieve headache using cannabis indica strains.

Do you use cannabis strains to cure your headaches and migraines? If you do, which cannabis indica strains suit you best?

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