Top 10 Famous Indica Strains What Makes Them Popular

famous indica strains

Some marijuana users love the strong scent and effect of high-THC marijuana for the euphoric high that they are looking for. But some are into the smooth sensation brought about by mild tetrahydrocannabinol or THC contained by the cannabis indica. Cannabis indica is a family of marijuana plants that are known to have lesser THC which is enough for some mild smokers and medical users. But this low-THC content of famous indica strains also has a bonus as some of its strains are also high in the medicinal cannabidiol or CBD.

Low THC marijuana is considered safe for daytime use unlike those that have higher THC content that may cause sleepiness or drowsiness due to its relaxing effect. Here is our list of the top 10 famous indica strains and what makes them popular. If you are a user, you may want to try these. And if you are a grower, you could plan in making your next crop as there is demand for these popular indica strains that we have to fill.

  • White Widow

White widow is a 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa hybrid with 20 percent THC. White widow won the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup and other awards. Users describe the taste and aroma of the White widow as earthy that gives it a relaxing and mind-boosting effect.

White widows could be grown either from seed or from a clone which is done by planting clippings of mature and healthy plants. White widows are photoperiod plants and they are not autoflowering as most indica dominant strains are. When fully matured, its buds are chunky and conical and is covered in long-stalked trichomes that give it a whitish appearance. White widows are fairly easy to cultivate and grow up to 2 meters high. Yield is about 600g per square meter.

  • Ice

The name ice is an acronym for Indica Crystal Extreme but it does describe its frosty aromatic bud. With 18 percent THC and low CBD, Ice will make you physically stoned. Ice also stimulates appetite and good sleep and is widely used to treat anorexia and insomnia respectively.

Ice is a 90 percent indica and 10 percent sativa hybrid that grows up to 2 meters high outdoors and 1.2 meters high indoors. Yield is also hefty at 400-450g per square meter.

  • Northern Light

Northern light is a 100 percent indica variety and has 18 percent THC and medium CBD content. This gives it a balance between the THC and the CBD, both at 18 percent, which may give you the high especially if you are a beginner.

Northern lights could grow up to 50-80cm with 400g-500g per square meter of yield.

  • Blue Mystic

Blue mystic is a 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa hybrid that has 18 percent THC and medium CBD. The taste and aroma of the blue mystic are described as sweet and fruity and gives you the stoned experience easily.

Indoors, this plant could grow up to a meter high while outdoors could grow up to more than 2 meters. Yield is moderate of up to 375g-425g per square meter indoors and 400g-450g outdoors.

  • Special Kush #1

With 17 percent THC and low CBD, this 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa variety will give a refreshing experience to users even the beginners that do not make you feel sleepy but make you feel alert instead. This plant grows up to 100cm with up to 425-475g per square meter yield indoors and up to 270cm with up to 550g per plant of yield outdoors.

  • Bubble Kush

Bubble Kush is 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa with up to 22 percent THC. This gives bubble kush, which is also known as bubba kush, a dank, sweet and peppery taste. Bubba kush have small to medium-sized buds.

Bubble kush is easy to grow and is naturally resistant to molds and pests which makes it robust enough to be grown outdoors. Indoors, this plant will grow up to 120cm with 400g -250g per square meter or yield. Outdoors, this plant could grow up to 2 meters with 500-55g per plant of yield.

  • Pineapple Kush

This indica-dominant plant that inherited much from its parent, master kush, has up to 17 percent THC with very low CBD that gives a taste and aroma similar to caramel or vanilla mixed with pineapple that will give you a stoned effect. Pineapple kush is 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa.

Pineapple kush could grow up to 120cm indoors with 500g-550g or yield per square meter and could grow outdoors up to  180cm with 500g-550g of yield per plant.

  • OG Kush

This 90 percent indica and 10 percent sativa hybrid has up to 25 percent THC. OG kush have nugget-like buds that have vibrant orange pistils and gives a pine-like odor.

Indoors, OG kush could grow up to 120cm with 400g-450g of yield per square meter. Outdoors, it could grow up to 2 meters with up to 500g-550g per plant of yield.

  • Fat Banana

Fat banana is 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa that has over 25 percent THC which will give the best high that you may experience from an indica strain.

Outdoors, the fat banana could grow up to 2 meters and up to 500g of yield per plant. Indoors, it could grow up to 140cm with up to 400g per square meter of yield.

  • Speedy Chile

Speedy Chile is a 70 percent indica and 30 percent sativa hybrid. The THC content is about 16 percent which is still considered low combined with low CBD which gives you an alert high experience and is perfect for smoking.

Outdoors, speedy chile could grow up to 170 cm with up to 500g of yield per plant. Outdoors, it could grow up to 100cm with up to 525g per square meter of yield.

So, this is our top ten most famous indica strains and basic information about them for users and growers. As mentioned, indica strains of marijuana have mild THC content which is ideal for beginners and even those veterans who want a mild smoking experience.

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