Feminized Indica Seeds for Sale: Where to Find Them

Indoor gardening of cannabis is a growing trend among users because of the probability of harvesting high-quality strains in many varieties. Feminized indica seeds for sale have made weed growing much easier. Growers have the chance to grow their plants in a controlled setting where seeds are carefully watched for best production. Indoors, cannabis planters also can work from the comfort of their homes while ensuring the safety and security of their plants.

What are Feminized Indica Seeds?

Feminized indica seeds are produced to include no male genes. This makes sure that every cannabis grown from them will grow as a female and capable of producing a crop of sticky buds that is wanted by most cultivators.

By spraying a silver thiosulfate solution or colloidal silver to a healthy, female cannabis plant, you can produce feminized indica seeds. This method can result in 100% of feminized seeds. There are male seeds to remove. The silver solution hinders the production of ethylene, which is a hormone present in flowering.

The method sometimes turns up a few male seeds. Out of the 1000 feminized seeds, one may turn into a male. Though you’re using feminized seeds, you still need to check your cannabis plant when the reproductive parts start forming. Besides, feminized indica seeds are more expensive but you won’t spend time and energy dealing with the male flowers.

Male vs. Female

Cannabis that are fertilized naturally or with old-fashioned breeding methods can generate both male or female seeds, which are known as regular seeds. In most varieties, they occur with about an equal split among the two genders. That means cannabis growers starting with regular seeds have about 50% probability of producing a female from each batch.

Thus, growing cannabis from standard seeds is not very effective—it’s like operating a bakery that has to throw away every second loaf of bread. Cultivators planting from regular seeds must be vigilant that about half of their seeds could be male cannabis. While cannabis has value to cultivators, people growing for flowers won’t be interested, and too many male seeds can spoil a production.

The problem with even one male cannabis plant in a crop is that its pollen can fertilize all the other female plants. These would develop seeds instead of buds. The plants are grown for the buds and not the seeds. 

Why Grow from Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Using feminized seeds to start their nursery offer cultivators many advantages. Female plants develop buds which are harvested. Feminized seeds ensure that no male plants would fertilize the buds. This simplifies the growing process.

That productivity favors hobby cultivators and medical cannabis patients. Since the law allows a limited number of plants for personal use, cultivators want to make sure they make the most of their plant.

Male plants use up more space in the nursery, as well. Males undermine time and resources from cultivators as well. When female and male cannabis are both present, cultivators need to grow both until their genders are evident. While some buds will show early signs of their sex before budding starts, most plants don’t start to reveal their sex until they start to develop past the vegetative phase.

Cultivators have a hard time determining the sex of the plants, closely observing each plant to eliminate the males before they can fertilize the females.

These specially treated seeds boost the chance of generating female cannabis to 99%. By using feminized seeds, cultivators can avoid spending weeks of growing cannabis without knowing the plant’s sex. Instead of a 50-50 chance, cultivators would have an almost 100% chance of having an all-female crop.

Where to Find for Feminized Indica Seeds for Sale

Don’t make things harder for you. Crop King Seed is the best seed bank with physical stores in Canada. If you are from the USA, you can consider yourself lucky because they offer worldwide shipping. Their delivery has a success rate of about 90%. They have the perfect bud breed for all customers – Sativa, Indica or even hybrid. They sell more than 30 seed selections and they have feminized indica seeds for sale and auto-flowering seeds as well.

Other online seed banks which deliver to the U.S. include mjseedscanada.com, sonomaseeds.com, sunwestgenetics.com, and rocketseeds.com. These online retailers are experts at discreet packaging to minimize the chance that drug enforcement agencies will block them.

Uses of Indica Seeds

As the calming and soothing strain that it is, indica is perfect for both relaxing the mind and muscles. Do you need to decompress from a hectic week or are you sore from your strenuous workout? Indica can help. Indica provides you that body high that makes it difficult to get off the sofa. It also boosts dopamine, which gives a wave of serenity and peace.

And since cannabis indica has the elements to relax the whole body, it is best for general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping problems. Health benefits of indica include:

  • Alleviating tension
  • Decreasing seizures
  • Improving appetite
  • Calming muscles
  • Relieving tension and anxiety
  • Lowering body pain
  • Reducing spasms
  • Lessening headaches

Because of these reasons, medical cannabis patients regularly consume their indica treatment before they hit the bed so that they can rest well and have a good night of sleep. Others use indica to handle chronic pain and cope with stressful times in their lives. Indica also helps individuals who are nervous, experiencing anxiety and stressed out.

The purer the indica, the more prominent the effects are. Currently, you will find many hybrids that are crossed at dispensaries and possess the features of both the indicas and sativas. They can take after either parent resulting in indica-dominant or sativa- dominant, or a blend of both.


Feminized indica seeds are the best for production. Factors such as unreliable light and bad nutrients, extreme stress and over-trimming can affect the result of the harvest. But, using feminized indica seeds is key to save work, improve yields, clone freely, lose less harvest, get a greater price of the seeds and generate more revenue.

Many of the cannabis strains that are marketed as feminized seeds have had their genes carefully regulated by the grower to produce the essential attributes of each strain. This allows clients more choices such as the scent, flavors, and cannabinoids to go and opens the potential of cannabis by boosting its genetic variety. For growers with a small room and plant limits, it is best to use feminized seeds to manufacture better harvests.

Feminized indica seeds are more aromatic, powerful, and attractive. Using any other cannabis seeds is just wasting your money away in the form of slowing down harvest and cultivating males.