How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

There are quite a few ways to germinate cannabis seeds and just by simply doing a quick search on Google or Youtube, you can easily find some instructional guides and videos showing you the best germination procedure out there, claiming theirs is the best way to germinate marijuana seeds.

However, in this article, we will stick to the concept of the germination process and show you a few tried and tested germination methods that are not only simple to do but it is as effective as it can get. One of them is the paper towel method and the other is germinating seeds in water and planting directly in the growing medium or potting soil. But, read on below and we will show you how to germinate your cannabis seeds the best way possible.

Before we even get to that, we first need to understand the anatomy of cannabis seed and how the germination actually takes place.

Sprouting seeds is no rocket science and is really simple to perform as long as you provide the perfect environment for your marijuana seed, you will have young healthy seedlings in no time.

Also, make sure you only get premium high-quality marijuana seeds with high germination rates which will surely increase your success rate in growing your marijuana seedling that turns into a magnificent plant that will bear buds.

Check out our guide on how to buy marijuana seeds safely and make sure you only deal with a trusted seed bank.

Here in Sonoma Seeds, we pride ourselves on our high-quality genetics that is all grown organically.

How Cannabis Seeds Germinate?

Germination is the process that seeds undergo where they break out from their shell and developing a single stalk or a taproot to later form the roots and the main stalk of the marijuana plant.

Cannabis seeds require three (3) elements for it to succeed in germinating. These are heat, water and air. Once these things are in the right amounts the seed will start to think that it is already in the ground and will start the seed germination process.

Normally, it takes around 24 to 48 hours for cannabis seeds to sprout and develop a tap root, but some may go quickly and some may go slower depending on the conditions, the quality of the seed, and the strain.

Once you have some germinated cannabis seeds, don't just plant them anywhere and expect them to be healthy marijuana seedlings. Growing marijuana has some prerequisites to get started. Buy premium marijuana seeds, Prepare your growing medium or soil, Germinate your seeds and plant.

The success rate of your growing season will highly depend on the health of the young plant. So, make sure to start things right.

A Guide in Preparing your Growing Medium

Before we even start germinating the seed we purchased online, we must first prepare our growing medium or soil. When you start to germinate cannabis seeds, there will be no time for you to do this as when that seed sprouts it will grow non stop and will try to develop into a seedling and if we are not prepared, this will crush your Cannabis seeds success rate into becoming a bud bearing marijuana plant.

There are 3 main types of growing mediums there are soil mixes, soilless mixes and hydroponics. Here we will stick to the basics and will guide you through preparing your soil in case you do not have a soilless ready-made mix that you can buy in any garden store.

Soil or Soil Compost - This is still the most popular growing medium used to grow marijuana plants because this is still the most organic and natural way to do so. A good cannabis soil contains some nutrients which the plants will need in its first few weeks after germinating. Once optimal elements are achieved this is what they refer to as living soil.

Soilless Mix (Perlite and Coco Coir) - This growing medium uses no soil and instead of a mixture of different potting mixtures like peat moss, perlite, coco coir, vermiculite and Rockwool. The soilless mix can be bought in almost any regular garden stores and is handles exactly like how you would handle regular soil.

Hydroponics - This refers to the growing method wherein the plant sits on some equipment allowing the roots to directly sit right above the water that also directly delivers nutrients to the plant. The most known method is the Deep Water Culture or DWC and a variant coined as "bubbleponics".

Make sure to prepare the next home of your marijuana plant after the seeds germinate and it will take no time for that to happen. Prepare your grow space before you germinate seeds. If you plan on growing indoors may sure to set up your equipment ahead of time including your grow light. In this way you can ensure that there will be a home to drop the seed or place the seed in that will allow it to grow into a healthy garden of marijuana seedlings within a few days after this process.

Methods on How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Method 1: Paper Towel Method

Since we now know what Cannabis seeds need in order to think that they are ready for life, then here we will try to replicate that environment using simple household items that are readily available in any grocery store. This cannabis seed germination technique is widely used amount many growers as this method is practical yet is as effective.

Step 1: Prepare 4 pieces of paper towels and soak them in distilled water. Pull them out and let them drain the excess water out,

Step 2: Lay 2 pieces of the wet paper towels onto a plastic plate, make sure not to use a clear kind as we need to create a dark environment for the seed.

Step 3: Arrange the marijuana seeds on top of the wet paper towel. Make sure to leave around an inch space between each of them.

Step 4: Cover everything with the remaining wet paper towels and then cover with another plastic plate.

Step 5: Place in a dark and warm area preferably an empty drawer or the cabinets beneath the sink. Make sure the area is around 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit to increase the success rate of the germination method.

Step 6: Once you see a cannabis seed germinate, meaning a tap root will emerge from the seed, allow this to develop more around 12 to 24 hours. Remember to transplant your germinated seeds using tweezers to ensure a sterile environment for this sensitive white root that will soon turn into a cannabis plant.

In around 12 hours to 24 hours, in most cases, there will already be germinating seeds on the plate, however, some may go longer and this is perfectly fine. Just make sure to keep the paper towels moist at all times.

Next, we will be showing you how to germinate cannabis seeds using just distilled water...

Method 2: Germinate Cannabis Seeds using Distilled Water

This is pretty basic and the process is just how like the title says. All you have to do is to soak your cannabis seeds in a cup filled with distilled water for around 12 to 24 hours before planting them on germination soil or a Rockwool cube. Germinating cannabis seeds this way has been done for hundreds if not thousands of years however there are new breakthroughs regarding simple science on this process. Those that will fall on the bottom will usually be the good seeds and those that stay afloat are the bad and the old seeds.

Using distilled purified water is suggested to be used during this process. However, you can use tap water in the later stages of their plant life as this may deliver some extra nutrients in but always make sure to check your pH levels. Note that distilled purified water has the exact pH level that cannabis plants need to perform the best absorption from the roots.

Plant Cannabis Seeds Directly in Growing Medium...

Tips on the things you need to make sure of when planting seeds in the soil or in other growing mediums.
  • Always Use the correct Soil or Soilless Mix
  • Make sure to start with mild nutrients as the cannabis sprout does not need too many nutrients at this point.
  • Start with a small container or pot. You will have to transplant your seedlings 2 to 3 times in its lifetime, but it is recommended to start small and work your way bigger.
  • Make sure your pot or container has enough drainage holes
  • Before planting, drench your growing medium or soil with water and allow it to drain fully.
  • Plant at least 1/2 of an inch deep. Make sure not to go beyond an inch or the sprout may be challenged to surface.
  • Drop the seed using a tweezer and keep the area as sterile as possible
  • Position to a such that the taproot will be facing downwards
  • Cover lightly and do not pack the soil or the growing medium too much. It is better if the seed is well aerated.
  • Position in a warm area that gets enough sunshine throughout the day.

Method 3: Use Starter Cubes and Seedling plugs

This is by far the easiest germination method there is and does not need any learning to perform correctly. Using this as a germination method will allow you more room for error when dealing with the cannabis seeds you just purchased.

Cannabis Seeds especially the premium and high-quality ones can be expensive and we need to make sure to make each and every single marijuana seed count. To help you ensure this will happen, use any of the tried and tested germination methods there is, that is not only effective but is also easy to do and fool-proof.

Make sure you know where to buy marijuana seeds online that will provide you with the best value your money can buy.

Where to Buy Premium High-quality Cannabis Seeds online?

Once you got that process and as you learn through your experience in growing you will find out that it is actually not that difficult. This is especially if you only use high-quality premium cannabis seeds that have high germination success rates.

Here in Sonoma Seeds, we have in our vaults massive amounts of genuine strains seeds that are all high quality and premium standards. All our premium seeds are grown organically and all are carefully selected and packaged. We can guarantee our germination rates.

Our seeds are of the strongest phenotypes and strains that are all grown organically. We are you trusted West Coast Seedbank.

Why Use Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized Cannabis seeds may be a bit more expensive but this will really make life easier, believe me. Imagine growing a plant that you will spend weeks upon weeks on and suddenly turns out male, wouldn't that be ridiculous? Wasting all that time and effort and excitement just to end up with nothing to smoke.

Feminized Cannabis seeds can guarantee that you will get a female marijuana plant 99% of the time. Feminized seeds go through a process and taking advantage of the plant's natural survival response in eliminating the male chromosome in its genetics.

By using Feminized seeds, you won't need to sprout more plants just to weed out the makes after. It is a huge waste of space and resources especially if you have limited amounts of it. Feminized seeds will ensure you that you will surely get some huge flowers and buds that are potent enough, that you would want to smoke out everyone you knew.

How to Take Care of Marijuana Seedlings

Be careful in the 1st few weeks of life of your cannabis seedlings. They will not survive too much nutrients and light at this point and prefer to live in a moist and damp environment but be careful as they can easily drown as well.

Make sure you have the right planting medium as discussed above and you should be fine for the next 2 weeks. Cannabis seedlings can survive without any supplemental nutrients and can survive on the basic nutrients that already present in the growing medium during its preparation.

After 2 weeks, you can now start feeding nutrients to your little cannabis plant. It is recommended to start low and go for around 1/4 of the recommended dose. You can increase closer and closer to the recommended dose week after week as the seedlings turn into plants and start its strong vegetative phase.

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