How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

There are several methods out there that claim they are the best way to germinate your cannabis seeds. You can easily find anything on the internet now and just one click away, you can instantly watch some instructional guide or videos about cannabis seed germination. Well, it is true, these marijuana seeds germination methods may be effective, but the question is are they practical? Let's see and discuss the things around germination and know more about this topic.

In this article, we will focus more on the methods that are tried and tested to be practical and effective at the same time. Once we have an idea behind the processes of a germinating seed, it will be much easier for us to understand why we should keep things simple.

Germinating cannabis seeds is not difficult. In fact, this is super easy to do as long as you have the right amounts of elements that are required for this to succeed.

One very important thing you should also make sure to increase your success rate is to only use high-quality premium marijuana seeds. Premium marijuana seeds have high germination rates and will surely develop into cannabis seedlings in a few days. However, we must make sure that we only grow female marijuana plants as they are the only ones who bear the buds we are after.

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Marijuana Seed Germination Process

The Germination Process of a marijuana seed will only take around 12 hours to 24 hours to happen. Seeds will germinate and will start growing into a young plant within a few days. Sprouting seeds is not that hard to do however there may be some things that we need to understand in order to be successful in growing them into a beautiful marijuana plant.

Within a week after the seeds germinate, a seedling will emerge from the growing medium and that phase will totally require other separate sets of skills and understanding. But here, let's focus on germinating your marijuana seeds and starting them correctly.

Marijuana seeds require (3) three elements to be successful in their germination. These elements are heat, water and air. Once these elements are in the range of the perfect equilibrium for marijuana seeds, the seed will saturate in water and will crack open allowing a tap root to emerge.

Germinating seeds need to stay in a moist and warm environment in order to survive. So, make sure your growing medium or your potting soil has been watered and drained thoroughly before planting the germinated cannabis seed.

But, before you actually germinate your marijuana seeds, you actually need to prepare your growing medium first...

Good Growing Medium for Marijuana Seeds

Here, we will need to discuss how to prepare our growing medium. This needs to be thought of even before you actually germinate cannabis seeds because once they sprout, you won't have enough time to plan it out by then. This needs to be ready beforehand to ensure there is a place for the little germinated seed to grow in. Germinated Cannabis seeds will take no time at all to form and develop into a small seedling. Once germinated, seeds will go on its own pace and develop as it is designed, so it is vital to have a house ready for your little plant.

If you are planning to grow indoors, make sure you also prepare other equipment like grow lights and ventilation. Make sure you have a nice space for the plant to thrive and grow into fruitful marijuana plants.

3 Main Types of Marijuana Growing Mediums

Cannabis Soil or Soil Compost - This is by far the most popularly used growing medium and it is still the most organic way to go. Cannabis Soil or Soil Compost is basically regular soil mixed with other additives like composts and supplemental nutrients or organic matter like perlite or coco coir to loosen it which will provide a very optimal home for your marijuana plant. Once you have achieved that right mixture, it is coined as a "living soil" that will be able to provide and support your marijuana plant's life.

Soilless Mix - This is a growing medium consisting of several organic matters and this time with no soil included. This is usually a combination of peat moss, coco coir, perlite and rock wool and really an easy way to provide a good home for your seedlings. Soilless Mix can be easily found in any regular gardening store and is quite simple to handle as well as you do it exactly how you would handle soil. However, one drawback of using this is this usually has pre-mixed slow-release nutrients in it that may mess up your feeding regiment on your marijuana plant. This growing medium is best suggested for beginner growers.

Hydroponics - This is when a plant sits in equipment that holds the plant over nutrient-rich water allowing the white root to soak and absorb all the nutrients from there and eventually grow into a magnificent plant. The most popular is the Deep Water Culture and a variety of it which is "bubbleponics". This growing medium is mostly used by professional and commercial growers. This growing medium ensures the most sterile environment out of the 3 main types and has proven to produce maximum yields if done correctly, but may also require advanced skills to do so.

Marijuana Seeds Germination Methods

As mentioned earlier, there are several marijuana seed germination methods out there that claim that they are the best way to germinate seeds, we are not saying they are wrong. However, here we will stick to the ones that we believe are the most practical and still as effective. These are the paper towel method, germinate cannabis by soaking seeds in water, and using Starter cubes and plugs.

Method 1: Paper Towel Method

Step 1: Get 4 paper towels and soak them in Distilled Water and pull them out and allow them to drain.

Step 2: Place 2 pieces of wet paper towel on a plastic plate and make sure to lay them as flat as possible.

Step 3: Place the seeds over the wet paper towels. Make sure to leave at least 1 inch apart.

Step 4: Cover the seeds with the remaining 2 wet paper towels and cover everything with another plastic plate.

Step 5: Place in a warm and dark place like an empty drawer or a cupboard under the sink. The preferred temperature of germinating marijuana seeds is around 70 to 90 degrees F.

Step 6: Check every 12 hours. Once a tap root appears, let it sit for another 12 hours and this will be ready for planting directly in soil or growing medium.

Some seeds may not germinate as fast as others especially old seeds or low-quality seeds. Just allow a few more days and make sure to keep the paper towels moist at all times.

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Method 2: Soak in Water and plant Marijuana Seeds directly in Soil or Growing Medium

This is by far the simplest method there is and is very primal in nature. What other growers do to germinate their seeds is to soak them in some distilled water and leave them there for about 24 hours. The viable and good seeds will drop to the bottom and will eventually sprout. We must watch us for this because once the seeds germinate, we must act quickly and take the seed out of the water using tweezers and plant them in a prepared growing medium.

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Method 3: Using Starter Cubes and Plugs

The easiest and the most fool-proof method is using a starter cube or a seedling plug. These are basically Rock wool or coco coir that is processed to make those small pods where you can insert a seed in and will practically provide for the seeds' needs for the first few weeks of its life. It's like a small nursery growing medium which you can then transplant together with the plant once you seedling has grown and ready for a bigger space. This is packed with the necessary nutrients and airiness that cannabis seeds need, plus its water-retaining feature which will allow the seed to prosper and grow.

Tips on How to Plant Germinated Marijuana Seeds

Once your marijuana seed has germinated, you will now have to perform the process of planting. I know this is easy and I made it sound like a complicated process or some sort, however, there are key important things that we need to remember to ensure we will be problem-free all the way to a good start.

  • Only Use the Correct Cannabis Soil or Soilless Mix
  • Use mild nutrients, germinated seeds have their own supply of nutrients to start its first few weeks.
  • Always start in a small container, a solo cup is recommended.
  • Make sure your container or pot has enough drain holes.
  • Before you drop the germinated cannabis seed, make sure to water the growing medium thoroughly and let it drain for some time. This will ensure the soil will just be at its right moisture level.
  • Make a hole around 1/2 inch deep.
  • Drop the seed using tweezers and place the seed root facing down.
  • Cover lightly with soil and do not pack it down. This will allow an aerated space for the seedling to emerge.
  • Place in a warm area. Preferably a spot that gets good sun in the morning and shaded on the rest of the day. These tiny marijuana seedlings cannot survive too intense heat and nutrients.

Whatever you prefer, it is up to you what you think the best germination method is, as long as you are able to sprout you little plants allowing them to develop those white tendril and then, later on, develop into this stinky delicious-smelling plant with thick and huge buds that will really deliver the effects we are longing for. That's what it's all about right?

Taking Care of Marijuana Seedlings

As long as you have followed all the preparations that have been mentioned earlier. Your plants will be rich in supply for at least 2 weeks. The growing medium you have prepared plus the plants built in sprouting nutrients, it will be able to grow into a lovely marijuana plant. Make sure to avoid too many nutrients or sunlight as these cannabis seedlings will not be able to survive. In fact, it is advised to use a humidity dome for your seedlings in the 1st to weeks to ensure they remain in a moist and warm environment, perfect for nursery size marijuana plants.

However, don't fret if you don't have any humidity dome, just make sure they are in a place where you thing posses heat, air and moisture, your teeny tiny seedlings are well on their way to bloom those spectacular and delicious buds.

Where to Buy Premium Marijuana Seeds?

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Why use Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

If you are a medical patient who needs a steady supply of medical marijuana, did you know you can grow your own weed without trying to put much effort into it? By using auto-flowering marijuana seeds, you will be sure that you will be harvesting in no time, just by watering and providing light to your plants.

All of this is possible because of the unique features that are only found in Auto-flowering marijuana seeds. They flower and produce buds based on age and not on photoperiod, so you won't have to do all those schedules, especially if you are a busy person.

Autoflowering Marijuana plants can be left alone and maintained just by regular watering and nutrient feedings at the right doses. They will bloom into this nice flowering plant in a shorter amount of time and a smaller size too. All these features combined deliver a plant that is perfect to be grown indoors like any other ornamentals and will still yield huge and tight nugs that you would love to smoke regularly.

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1. How Long does it Take to Germinate Marijuana Seeds?

Normally, it will take around 12 hours to 24 hours for marijuana seeds to germinate, especially the strong and the viable ones. In optimal condition, marijuana seeds will show progress within the first 24 hours of germinating, make sure to keep an eye on your cannabis seeds and check at least once a day.

2. What is the Best way to Germinate Marijuana Seeds?

The best way to Germinate Marijuana seeds is by using distilled water and some paper towels. The wet paper towel germination method is by far the simplest and fool-proof way to germinate your seeds and is highly recommended for beginners. However, there are still a lot of experienced growers that use this method as this is the most practical and effective option there is, and it is more forgiving allowing you more space for errors.

3. What Temp should Marijuana Seeds be to Germinate?

The perfect temperature where seeds thrive is around 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimal temperature for marijuana seeds to germinate and develop a healthy taproot. Anything higher or lower than the ideal range will either stun the germination and will have a delayed reaction or totally kill the seed. Make sure to keep an eye on your germinated seeds as they are quite fragile at this point.

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