Some Good Reasons Why You Should Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds

grow regular cannabis seeds

Regular seeds are the basic type of seeds that go back as far as the earlier days. This one’s a classic that people these days still manage to use it in growing cannabis. With the birth of feminized seeds, the number of growers using regular cannabis seeds continues to reduce since growers are seeking for full-grown buds that they can smoke. So, what’s in it for you if you choose to grow regular cannabis seeds when feminized seeds are readily available in the market?

Not because most of the buds that regular cannabis seeds produce are not smokable doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have a purpose. There are a lot of good reasons why you should grow regular cannabis seeds instead of using auto-flowering or feminized ones. What are regular cannabis seeds, its common uses, as well as the benefits of using them during cultivation? These frequently asked questions are often found in cannabis chat rooms and growing communities. We have answers that will surely turn the table about regular cannabis seeds.

What are Regular Marijuana Seeds?

Regular seeds are also known as standard seeds wherein they are the birth of a female and male parent. Each seed has a 50% chance of producing a male plant and another 50% chance for a female plant. Apparently, at first glance, it’s hard to tell whether or not a marijuana seed is male or female. They can only be identified once the seed has reached the vegetative stage wherein the plant’s genitalia will grow.

The common misconception in knowing the gender of the seed is when they have reached the flowering stage when in fact, they can know the sex of the seed as early as the vegetative stage. Due to the 1 is to 1 ratio, experts highly suggest germinating more seeds to compensate the plants that turned out to be male which will eventually be disposed of before the flowering period begins.

2 Common Uses of Growing Regular Seeds

Aside from just using regular cannabis seeds for growing, they are commonly used in two ways. Since they are often misunderstood, it’s time to change the perspective of newbies in growing cannabis about how regular marijuana seeds work.

Breeding Marijuana

If you want to know where the roots of hybrids lie, it’s the use of regular cannabis seeds. Without them, there is no possibility of cross-breeding your desired strain or strains. They utilize this strain type by choosing your ideal female and male strains and they undergo cross-pollination to create an offspring inducing the effects of both parents. The potency, taste, and smell are inherited from the parent strains that make your ideal strain come alive. Without regular cannabis seeds, there’s no way the number of marijuana strains would grow thousands.

Cloning Strains

The second use of growing regular cannabis seeds is how they work efficiently in cloning strains. Considering that the genetics are pure, it’s easier to clone or to copy the genetics of the original marijuana plant and reproduce it either for business or for personal use. The cloning technique works best when they have a full set of chromosomes. Regular cannabis seed is composed of an XX chromosome and an XY chromosome that helps the produced offspring in delivering the most robust qualities of the parent strains.

3 Perks of Growing Regular Cannabis Seeds

Considering that the regular cannabis seeds are considered as the most basic type of seeds, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are out of date or they are no longer beneficial in the present time. There are three benefits that you can get from growing a marijuana plant using regular cannabis seeds.

Pure Genetics

Considering its presence of both XX and XY chromosomes, regular cannabis seeds are known to be original. Their genetics are pure and are highly recommended to be used in both breeding and cloning purposes. Its pure genetics is the primary reason as to why the prime qualities are inherited accordingly by the offspring unlike growing autoflower or feminized seeds wherein the effects are not somehow what you expected.

Best for Breeding

If you want to experiment with the different strains that can be produced with the current strains we have, regular cannabis seeds are highly suggested for the birth of new cannabis strains. We all have our ideal taste, smell, and properties as we consume marijuana. You see, regular cannabis seeds come in a variety that you can choose from such as indica or sativa-dominant, THC or CBD-enriched, and even outdoor or indoor-growing marijuana.

It allows you to decide what the characteristics of the offspring are. Also, regular cannabis seeds are suggested by professional growers who breed for a living. They introduce a new set of strains that would interest the cannabis community with the properties and features they exhibit.

Organic Growing

Unlike other types of growing seeds, regular cannabis seeds thrive beautifully in an organic environment. They don’t require much laboratory-formulated supplements and nutrients. They rather flourish in natural environments with efficient natural light, air, and water. As much as possible, they are not induced by chemicals.

Earlier than the 19th century, the use of cannabis by communities is already growing. They only settle with natural compost and nutrients that they think would be best for the plant to thrive. They treat marijuana as a regular plant to grow. Regular cannabis seeds can adjust and adapt to their growing environment, particularly outdoors.


In conclusion, regular cannabis seeds are not suggested for beginners in growing marijuana. It would be best to start efficiently with feminized or autoflower seeds. On the brighter side, let’s thank the regular cannabis seeds for being the number one reason why hybrids and clones come in handy today. This seed type allows us to experiment on the qualities and taste we want to experience. Besides, some of the best-quality strains these days come from local breeders and dispensaries who never gave up on trying to continue to breed. If you’re a grower gaining interest in breeding and cloning, we hope you find this article helpful as we advocate the importance of regular cannabis seeds just like the other seed types.

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