A Comprehensive Guide to Hotboxing


Hotboxing is the act of smoking your favorite cannabis strain in an enclosed space to limit the supply of fresh air. Cannabis lovers do this so every single smoke from their weed will not go to waste, but inhaled completely instead. Since you will be able to enjoy the smoke without any inhibitions, it is also a way of prolonging the effects in your mind and body. This is best for smokers who just can’t get enough of the high.

It sounds like an ideal setup, especially for novice smokers. However, not everyone knows how to do it right. This article will discuss the things needed for a successful hotboxing session, the benefits, and as well as the downsides so you will be well-equipped before you jump into this great adventure.

What to Prepare for a Successful Hotboxing Session

If you have ever grown a marijuana strain, chances are you are well-aware that ventilation is important. It is the opposite of hotboxing. First of all, you have to find an enclosed space with lesser oxygen or ventilation. It could be inside your car, a small room, your closet, or a cubicle. But ideally, space should be small enough for less ventilation, but large enough to accommodate other people. For the best hotboxing experience, it is also best to invite your friends. Doing it as a group means there would be a larger amount of smoke around the small space. After all, it is nice to share a great experience with other people. Also, having a great amount of smoke, which will be impossible to be smoked by a single person, means lesser health risks for everyone in the session. If you are good at math during your school days, this is also a great time to put it into good use. It will help in identifying the ratio of space, the amount of smoke needed, and the people who gladly accepted your invitation.

You also need to prepare lots of weed strains. One or two joints are not enough for a great hotboxing session. A great session requires a lot of smoke. Hence, there should be more than two joints. Planting your own marijuana strains is recommended, as buying weed will cost you more, especially when hotboxing require large amounts of weed. Also, the smoking techniques to be used should be those that produce a lot of smoke. The number of people should be taken into consideration. The more is always, the merrier, but it will require more amounts of weed and more amount of smoke.

It is highly recommended that you avoid smoking near furniture or other objects which are made of absorptive materials, such as couches, carpets, mats, etc. Since there would be a lot of smoke, it will be a pain to spend a lot on odor neutralizers. With the amount of smoke needed for a great hotboxing, you might end up spending more money and time on deodorizing. Most experienced hotboxing smokers recommend doing it in the bathroom, as there are fewer things that can absorb the smell of smoke.

Your hotboxing area should be around a safe location. There shouldn’t be any flammable materials around.  Make sure it is away from stairs, bodies of water like the beach or swimming pools, cliffs, etc. As the session will surely get you high, it is important to stay away from a dangerous area that can inflict harm as while you are in your high state.

If you have the time and resources, you can also set up some laser and light effects to emulate the atmosphere of a club party. You can also prepare some speakers for some great music. Also, have some water for rehydration and snacks within reach. While it will be great to have some party music too, soothing or relaxing music is recommended. However, it will depend upon you and your fellow smoker’s preference. The same goes for the type of strain you will be indulging on. You can also prepare a bong that you can light at the same time.

There shouldn’t be any spaces where the smoke can escape. Make sure to close all windows or doors tightly. If there are any holes, make sure to seal or cover them. You may use newspapers, towels, blankets, or sheets. 

The Benefits of Hotboxing

Hotboxing maximizes the mental and physical effects of the strain, especially when done the right way.  Choosing the right size of the room, the right number, and the attitude of people you will be inviting and having a large amount of weed to produce larger smoke should be done carefully. These factors play a big role in reducing the presence of fresh oxygen or ventilation in the room, making the smoke take over the area. Left only with the marijuana smoke to inhale, people in the hotboxing session tend to become higher, than those who smoke just anywhere. There are also reports from experienced smokers that the effects of marijuana strain kick in even faster when you suddenly leave the hotboxing room. The sudden exposure to ventilation or fresh air causes the cannabis compounds to be absorbed in the bloodstream faster than usual. 

Aside from feedback from smokers, it was also proven by studies. A smoker with limited exposure to oxygen was compared to a smoker with normal exposure to both oxygen and carbon dioxide while smoking. The one with limited exposure to oxygen had an elevated level of high than the latter.

Aside from faster effects, the effects of the strain are stronger. Whether you are taking marijuana for recreation or medical purposes, the smoke through hotboxing shall deliver better effects.

The Disadvantages of Hotboxing

While hotboxing can deliver an amplified level of positive effects, it can also bring an amplified level of negative effects. In the normal setting, strains usually cause cottonmouth, irritation in the eyes, hunger, uncontrollable coughing, and dryness in the throat. Hotboxing can take these downsides to a more severe level, which is why it is important to prepare water and snacks. Also, the brain and body need oxygen to function. Hotboxing limits the supply of oxygen, so it is not recommended to do it for long periods of time. This is aside from inflated anxiety, paranoia, nausea, disorientation, headache, and migraine. It can also cause permanent side effects.

Anything related to marijuana can have advantages and disadvantages, including hotboxing. It can be a safe and great activity to enjoy with your friends but given the right planning, preparation, and consideration of factors.

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