How Does a High CBD Strain Feel Like When Used

how does a high cbd strain feel like

The CBD level is one of the key characteristics that a smoker or breeder looks for in looking for the best marijuana strain. Whether a weed is smoked through vaping, ingesting, or smoking, the CBD components play a big part in whether a strain is effective or not, especially in terms of treating medical conditions.  

With the introduction of high CBD seeds, the available options for strains just became wider. With a lot of positive feedback, you may have seen online or have heard from fellow smokers and growers. It will make you wonder how does a high CBD strain feel like when used. This article will not only touch base on the feelings a CBD strain can give you, but also what it is, what it is made of, and finally, its effects. This will surely help you distinguish if it shall suit your tolerance, your indoor or outdoor garden setup, and your recreational or medicinal needs. 

What is CBD, and What is it Made Of?

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound that can be found in marijuana strains. Though both can instantly alter the mood, CBD works together with THC to make the marijuana effects even more satisfying.  CBD is more of the non-psychoactive side, diminishing the high effects. Thus, it is often sought for medical conditions as it has lesser chances of projecting side effects. It is also highly recommended for novice smokers for its lighter effects. It is the compound responsible for calming your nerves. The combination is just perfect.

In terms of chemical structure, CBD contains two oxygen atoms, twenty-one carbon atoms, and thirty hydrogen atoms. Once a weed is inhaled, these compounds act together with your endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids or ECS is present in our body even without smoking weed. It plays a big role in controlling sleep, reproduction, fertility, memory, appetite, mood, and sleep. It interacts with these ECS, causing alterations in the mind and body. This compound can come in the form of extracts, gels, supplements, oils, and gummies, while THC can be obtained through capsules, oils, edibles, and tinctures. 

Recreational Effects

So how does a high CBD strain feel like when used? A strain rich in CBD is the best in delivering therapeutic effects. It develops the mind and body by a relaxing calm. Any negative thoughts in mind are kicked out. Racing thoughts are immediately settled. This action gives space for creative thoughts and innovative ideas. With the toxic thoughts out of the picture, your behavior and mood are improved. It is highly uplifting without being overwhelming. Your mind will be clear and active, allowing you to accomplish more tasks than you can usually finish. It can be compared to being launched to the skies, but with the feet still kept on the ground. 

You will be surprised by the brilliant ideas that you can come up with. This makes CBD strains a great choice for any creative or musical activities. It is perfect if you wanted to unleash your artistic skills by creating artworks and playing instruments. Conversational skills are also improved. Thus, CBD high strains are usually prescribed for smokers who simply wanted to hang out with the family and friends. Its relaxing effect is also great for listening to music, watching television, and for any other recreational and entertaining activities. As the high dwindles, CBD plays a part in inducing a warm sensation that is responsible for triggering what we know as couchlock. The warmth usually starts from the back of the neck, creeping down the spine, spreading to the limbs, and down to your toes. It relaxes any tension knots in the body, just like how it settled racing negative thoughts prior.

Medical Benefits

A strain with a higher level of CBD components is great for relieving anxiety. By removing all signs of overthinking, it boosts the confidence, making you comfortable in your own skin. It will seem that anxiety has never existed in your system before. It also helps in managing epilepsy and seizures. It does not only take away negative thoughts, but also headaches and migraines. Aside from anxiety, CBD high strains are used to control symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  While it does not really relieve mental disorders completely in some cases, it helps in managing the symptoms by relieving stress and fatigue, rendering you more productive and positive.

Its therapeutic power is effective in treating nausea. It can also relieve muscle tremors, spasms, back pain, stiff neck, and gastrointestinal or inflammatory bowel diseases. Even Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, acne, and diabetes are healed. CBD high strains can also induce the appetite and sleep, which makes it perfect for anorexic patients, or for those losing appetite because of chemotherapy side effects. It can also treat insomnia. Once the couchlock effect takes over, you will feel your eyes fluttering away. Before you know it, you are already fast asleep.

Side Effects of CBD

Whether you are worried about a mental or physical condition, CBD high strains’ healing properties will surely deliver. It creates a great balance with THC effects, minimizing any side effects THC levels can cause. However, this does not mean that CBD high strains are not capable of causing any side effects. CBD high strains are also notorious for causing a variety of downsides. The most common side effects reported from smoking CBD dominant strains are dryness in the mouth, more commonly known as cottonmouth, irritation in the eyes, and dryness in the throat, usually accompanied by uncontrollable coughing. These downsides caused by dehydration can be easily avoided or cured by downing some water. Avoid drinking carbonated or caffeinated beverages. Though they are refreshing during the hot days, they will only make the dehydration worse. 

CBD high strains can also cause excessive fatigue when used improperly. No matter how relaxing it is, irresponsible amounts can lead to mild nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and lack of sleep. There are even times that it can cause diarrhea. These negative effects cannot be cured by water alone. The only solution to this is to stay within your tolerance and to consult your doctor for the dosages. While CBD strains are known for its wonderful medicinal effects, some medical conditions require only a certain amount of CBD. Some medicines may also have a lesser impact due to the CBD amount it has. 

With the above knowledge of how does a high CBD strain feel like when used, it will be easier for you to discern what will fit your wants and needs. Smoking marijuana is not just about consuming it, but also weighing each characteristic setting each strain apart.

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