How Long Does Marijuana Stay in your system

how long does marijuana stay in your system

Marijuana, also known as weed, pot, or cannabis, delivers great recreational and medicinal effects. These effects are so satisfying that we wanted it to last longer. Novice and experienced smokers have one common question: How long does marijuana stay in your system? 

Marijuana’s presence in mind and body can be detected through drug tests. Upon smoking or ingesting weed, it does not only produce THC and CBD bind. Metabolites are the substances in the body responsible for inducing metabolism. It is us

Urine, blood, saliva, and hair can be used for this testing. The results of this testing prove that marijuana can stay in your system for a couple of days, weeks, and even many months after your last intake. The exact duration can actually depend upon a lot of factors.

The Severity of Effects and Frequency of Use

Usually, marijuana effects kick in within fifteen to thirty minutes from the first hit. Some marijuana strains hit right away, while some strains may take around one to two hours, especially when it was taken by ingesting. The most active weed compounds, such as THC and CBD, produce a high which alters the user’s senses. Depending on the dosages, it can improve a person’s sense of well-being, focus, and concentration, creative ideas, sense of how time passes, conversational and artistic skills. It can also make the user feel hungrier or sleepier than usual. 

Other effects can be negative on the user’s part, such as inability to focus, failure to coordinate, nervousness, faster heart rate, dryness in the mouth and eyes, delusion, dizziness, nausea, psychosis, hallucinations, and psychosis. Sleepiness and hunger may also be negative, depending on the effects the user is after. 

The amount of dosages plays a big part on the heaviness of effects.  In turn, the strength or severity of effects felt from the intake can determine how long does marijuana stay in your system. How frequent you take the weed is also another factor. If you smoke or ingest marijuana every day, you will not only experience additional effects on your mind and body. It can affect how long the effects can diminish.

Based on urine tests, occasional users who take marijuana three times a week, usually test positive from weed usage, three days after their last intake. Moderate users who take marijuana four times a week had marijuana presence in their urine five to seven days from the last smoke or ingestion. Traces of marijuana stay ten to fifteen days on chronic users’ urine or those who use it daily. Chronic heavy users, or those who take marijuana multiple times a day, have marijuana stay in their system for more than a month. Aside from THC and CBD, cannabis has metabolites. These metabolites bind to the fats in the body, making the marijuana overstay its welcome.

For blood testing, weed can be detected in the system for one to two days. There are also some individuals who had it in their blood for 25 days.  A marijuana strain’s powers enter the bloodstream and become attached to the tissues. Some of the metabolites get absorbed again by the blood, where they remain there for several days.

Metabolites can also be detected in the saliva. It becomes incorporated in the salivary fluid through smoking, and even if you were just exposed to the smoke. The metabolites in the saliva can be detected one to three days for occasional users, and one up to twenty-nine days for chronic users. 

The metabolites in the cannabis may also be detected through hair testing, especially if the last day of usage is within ninety days. Metabolites can enter the bloodstream through the hair follicles as well. It can be detected around 1.5 inches of the hair from the scalp, considering hair growth each month.

Other Factors to Determines How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System

Aside from usage frequency and tolerance from dosages, marijuana’s stay in your system can be determined by your body type. You read it right. Body Mass Index (BMI) also plays a big role in marijuana’s duration in your system since metabolites get attached to body fat.  If you have more fat than muscles in your body, marijuana stays longer. Less body fat and more muscles mean the marijuana effects go away faster.

Your age and your gender also contribute on how marijuana is processed by your body. Usually, the ladies have more fat components in the body than males, which means marijuana compounds are broken down at a slower pace.

Metabolism should also be taken into consideration. Marijuana users with faster metabolism break down metabolites quicker than those who have a slower metabolism.

Physical Activities

Physical activities like exercising, running, cycling, etc. may cause you to perspire and burn more body fats. As discussed above, lesser body fat means marijuana is flushed out of your system faster. This is because exercising induces release of compounds deposited in the fats.

After exercising, it is nice to refresh by rehydrating with water. Being dehydrated increases the chances of marijuana to stay in your system much longer.

Your age, gender, and metabolism are factors way beyond your control, but you can make up for it through physical activities, frequency of use, and amount of dosage instead. However, while it might be nice to have marijuana effects longer, how long does marijuana stay in your system will heavily affect the result of your drug test. If you live in a country where weed use is prohibited, you will certainly get in trouble when your test reflects as positive. 

You may keep yourself hydrated and active and decrease the times you take weed in high dosages. Also, keep in mind that some effects can get permanent. These effects are not usually great ones. In the long run, smokers can develop cognitive concerns, memory loss, learning impairments, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and mental illnesses. It is still best to work on eliminating marijuana traces in your system for your own good.

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